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what airlines are hiring?

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I shouldn't say that. I really don't know about all airlines but none of the major pax airlines are hiring. Good luck in your search. :)
How much bigger does Southwest have to become before it becomes a major pax airline?

What about AirTran, Comair, ACA, or Skywest?
Alaska is hiring...they are a major airline in my book.
A few more who are hiring a few a month

In addition to the small list, add Commutair, Colgan Air, Aloha Island Air, and Shuttle America. I don't think these airlines are hiring much, but they are hiring.
jetBlue is hiring 24 a month.


The last time I checked, AirTran, ACA, and Skywest were all accepting app.s with plans to do hiring later this year. I don't know if that has changed lately. Comair is actively hiring although their classes are a little backed up due to the Bombardier strike. With the strike being cleared up, things should be back on track. One of my co-workers is headed their way in July.

Comair does a lot of preferential hiring. They try to take on most of their Academy instructors of which I was one of not so long ago. The Academy side is horrible as far as pay goes, but on the airline side you'll see nothing but smiles (esp. with the new contract). In addition to the Academy, Comair absorbed a number of the Midway guys, I think they're also helping out the poor guys in the USAirways Express system thanks to LOA 81. (Could be wrong about the last part though.) It can be relatively difficult to get into, but keep trying.

Good luck to ya!

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Thanks for answering my question, what happened to all those guys and gals who rode the short yellow bus....I guess a lot of them (and us) are pilots.

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