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What a LR-JET type lets you fly

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Haulin the folks...
Nov 27, 2001
A while ago someone was asking about what airplanes the LR-JET type rating lets you fly. I was searching the internet for someone else, and came across this FAA document that is all about type-ratings.

FAA Type Rating Certification

It talks about all airplanes that need types, but for the LR-JET, it says..

23,24,25,28,29,31,35,36,55,C21-A are all under the LR-JET type rating. It does says that the "old" (dunno how old) designations were.. LR-23, LR-24, LR-25, LR-28, LR-29, LR-35, LR-36, LR-50

It says the Lear 60 is under the LR-60 type rating.

It's a kinda neat history lesson too, with all the old airplanes and their modern type ratings (B-17 even).


Not to mention the Lr-45 is its own type as well..


What is the URL of that website regarding type ratings ? Also, how many different Citations can you fly with a CE-500 rating?

I had the link in the original message, but I didn't make it clear -

Link for Document

There it is - I don't remember what it said about the Citation, but there is a section in the beginning about which ones can be Single pilot, etc.

MLBWINGBORN: I hate to say it, but I'm not an avid ham radio guy I got my license, but then never got a rig. - but I did figure out your callsign (duh)...


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