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Westwind Job, NY State.

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Hello All,

135 Flight Operation based in Fingerlake Region of NY State seeking Westwind I PIC. Ideal candidate will have minimum 4000 FH Total Time, 500 in type. 135 experience a plus.

Please reply by email to [email protected].

Michael G. Marczyk <[email protected]>

This was sent about 2 days ago...

Those times are about right for a captain, remember the ad was for a PIC.

A Westwind is not a bad airplane to make a career out of, meaning it's a midsize jet (23,000lb MTOW) and midsize jet captains make around $80-120K.
flydog said:
I hope Im still not flying a Westwind when I have those hours

When I had 2200 hours, I would have loved to fly a Westwind... I was still CFIing and flying a C-414 Part 135....

How times have changed....
there are some westwind jobs at 100K plus a year!!
just depends on the company and location...
Ok, so maybe not a 135 job, but the equipment you fly does not ALWAYS dictate the pay!!
I know guys who fly king airs who make more than an EJA Citation X Captain....
LearLove said:
Is that N600NY the job?

I'm not sure. N600NY is a Westwind registered to Taughannock Aviation in Ithaca, NY. Very close by to where FirstFlight does business in Elmira. Right now FirstFlight doesn't show a Westwind in it's fleet, but maybe it's a work in progress right now.

FirstFlight does some 'off airport' aircraft management so maybe is for a Westwind somewhere else. Won't be hard to track this info down however. I know folks at both those outfits. If someone is specifically interested in info, send me a PM.

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