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Weekly Purdy Neat Bag question thread

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Nov 11, 2003
Since my post earlier today was zapped into oblivion...

Any RJ drivers out there know if the 737 Bag (102NG) is a better fit than the Stealth (103NG) into a CRJ overhead? I remember that Sweptback said the Stealth will fit just fine if you dont cram the side pockets full. Anybody with the 737 bag care to comment?

Also, does anybody have a PNT Ballistic Flight Kit? I've read all the good things about the Scott bags (how its pretty much the PNT of brainbags) but I'm looking for a slightly cheaper yet still durable alternative. I also have my eye on the Korchmar Flight Kit (I know UPS issues these to crewmembers and I am familiar with their durability). Just curious what people's thoughts on this might be. Thanks!
I have the ballistic flight bag, it's pretty nice. Holds a lot of stuff, fits in the RJ's wells, as long as you don't have anything in the front, back, or side pockets. Holding up pretty well. Can't put stickers on it though.

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