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Wearing your uni outside the work place

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Apr 19, 2005
Hey guys and gals,
Got done with a three day and was driving home from the airport. I realized I need to stop at the grocery store and buy a few things. I didn't feel like going home, changing clothes, and then head back out (to many stops and gas is expensive). I get to the store, park the car, and wonder "Should I go in with my uniform on?" I didn't think anything of it but the fact that I'd feel out of place and feel like a tool. So I took the tie,all the pins, and stuff off. So now I feel normal, looking like a jehovah witness (I really didn't care), walking into the store. I turn the corner to get my frosted flakes there is a guy with his airline uniform on. Yep, he had everything except the cap. I walked by and he looked shocked to see me as I was to see him and we both gave the "what's up" knod and went our separate ways.

But I was just trying to get input from what others think or do when you find yourself needing to stop somewhere public and you are in your airline uniform.
If you must stop somewhere, just take off the pins, boards, and tie. If it's cool outside, throw a jacket or sweater over your shirt. If it's October 31st, just say you're wearing your costume. :D
Who cares? I stop by the store on the way home all the time. I used to "de-identify" before going inside, but I've decided I really don't care if anyone thinks it's weird. I'm not doing it to look cool, I'm doing it to save myself a trip. Nobody cares if a cop, firefighter, or military guy shops in uniform.
Yes, I always put my lanyard inside my chest pocket to hide my identity and the company I work for, plus I don't wear epys at all.
Why can't you just pull your overnight t-shirt out of your overnight bag and change? Heck, I've stripped down and changed my whole atire in the WM parking lot just so I wouldn't have to strut around looking like a tool. The worst is when someone takes off everything except their captain stripes. That way everyone can call them "captain". If it is that big of an issue you have some serious mental problems.
Because I fly locals. I'd probably do it differently if I did 4-day trips or something, but if you guys really think the uniform is that big a deal, feel free to take it off. If you guys think I'm less "cool" because of it, I'll try real hard to get over it. Somehow, I think I'll be ok.
I pretty much take off the epaulets, tie, etc. because I do feel like a tool......
I live in a military town and everyone thinks I am air force anyway when I have to make those public stops...who cares.

It takes more effort to un-rig and re-rig my uniform so I don't bother. Sorry if you think I am a tool...the person who sees you changing your clothes in your car outside of the store will probably think you are a wierd-o too.

What is the big deal anyway?

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