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Wasn't sure where else to post this

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Well-known member
Nov 9, 2003
Be gentle with me. Trying to catch up my logbook (no I don't have an interview anywhere). Remind me what exactly is REQUIRED to log in your logbook. I've downloaded my trips in to Logbook Pro, but all I've logged is, destinations, duration, and landings. What would you think is the minimum to log? Again, lube up before having your way with me. Thanks.
Well you said required but you didn’t say by whom. If you are talking about the FAA it would be any time spent for currency of landing and check ride events as well as any time to prove eligibility for a certificate. If you are talking about an employer you are best to log everything that you can justify. If you are talking insurance companies they seem to like to see total time. Btw, there is no FAA definition of what total time is, so that’s up to you. If you read all of the FAA’s FAQ’s you will see a distinct difference in “logging” PIC verses “acting” PIC.

[FONT=&quot]I think you will find that most just log the time and aircraft and pic or sic and multi or single. Whatever, it’s your book and you have the right to put whatever makes you happy. [/FONT]
Make sure you log all the times you went poo in flight.

That post has no value. Not funny, informative, witty, clever, or even imaginative. In short that was the worst post ever in the history of FlightInfo.
I guess I'm just wondering if I ever wanted to move on to the "real airline jobs" (tongue firmly planted in cheek), would they be o.k. with aircraft, tail number, duration, day/night landing, and PIC. That's what I have right now. No IMC time, approaches etc.... I haven't been logging poo time since I first soloed.
summary for the month...flight time, PIC/SIC, 10% or so of total is IMC, put some landings in there too.

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