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Jan 24, 2002
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Does anybody know anything about World Aviation Systems, Inc. I understand they are now a player in the crew leasing game with JAL. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Dec 6, 2001
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posted 08 January 2002 06:35
Yes, unfortunatly the rumour is true and it looks like things may start happening soon. Iasco and Hac's have had a long standing relationship with JAL, and know the in's and outs.

The new company is said to be called WAS.INC, standing for World Avaition Services Inclined, and are said to be based in Las Vegas

The company has undercut Iasco and Hac's on the contract by offering cheaper pilots, while there is still blood on the street! - shame. As a current pilot with JALways I can say that the folk's that come from this new entity will be paid less and there will be alot of animosity in the flight deck, great for CRM! The reason why this new so called contract company has so many pilots on it's books already, is because +-12% of the airline pilot ferternity has been furlowed in the US, just watch when they get called back!

It is rumoured to be operated by Ex-Jalways crew who want their cake and to eat it, and I believe some of JALways brass are behind it - but as we know, without pilots there is no need for brass!!

To join this outfit in the manner they are offering will not only make you unprofessional but at the end of the day will affect all the 160 current crew members operating for JALways!! As before in airlines, when problems arise with crew etc, we would ask you to kindly steer clear of this company and if you would like to come to JALways, do it via HAC'S or Iasco. I speak for most of my comrads, that we are totally against this new company and will not show any favour to new comers via this slandering company.


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Nov 25, 2001
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Doesn't JAL have a contract with HACS and IASCO, Or do they just contract individual pilots through those companies? I would think that JAL would be contractually bound to contract only from certain sources.
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