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Warbird records/aviation archeology

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Fearless Tower

Well-known member
Mar 28, 2006
Is there an easy way to track a warbird by serial number to the base or unit it was assigned to?

Would it be in the aircraft logs, or would it be something one would have to go back through USAF archives to find?

Background: my grandfather ended the war flying TB-25's in Douglas, AZ (war ended before he was shipped overseas). I've noticed that alot of the B-25's still flying today were originally TB-25s that, like my grandfather, never left the states and I'm trying to find out if any of them did time in Douglas.

Try the NMUSAF to start, as they sometimes have record cards for assigned aircraft. Often times, the NMUSAF has turned those records over to the National Archives, and you can make a formal research request with them.

The good news is that the USAF generally kept good records of stateside training aircraft. Army aircraft only had records in their own individual logs, and not at any central location.
Hey Andrew, it really helps if you know his units, like 8th AF, 94 bomb group, 410th bomb squadron= the 8th/94th/410th. Google the unit names or numbers. You may also google his name and somethings like TB-25 or his name and crew. I found volumes on a great uncle killed on his first mission over the channel. Search for B25 associations/ pacific squadrons and you may be surprised. Google Douglas aircraft records. Is he still alive? If so, thank him for me. Our Greatest Generation.

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