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Wanna fly for John Travolta

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I knew a guy who flew for him and had some nice things to say about JT, but his wife is a monster.

Question is...

Why is he looking for new pilots? I hear the last two guys went to SWA but do not know if that is true.

Anyone interview recently?
The posting lists Ocala, FL. Is this really where you would be living? I was pretty sure Mr Travolta was living on the West Coast.
JT keeps his plane at Graystone, 17FL, just a few miles NE of Ocala. They used to have a fly-in the first Sunday of each month, not sure if they still do.

I thought JT flew with a co-pilot. Wonder how many hours they get each month.
John has some really nicely furnished studio type apartments on his property that his crew members can stay in when he needs them to fly with him. I would imagine that if you were hired you could live anywhere in Florida but would need to be somewhat nearby to get to his place. Orlando is only about 1.5 hours away.
back in 92-94 ish, JT had a copilot (or a captain and JT was copilot) on his Gulfstream (I believe) that lived in San Antonio. I think that guy was like 60 or 65 years old

his daughter worked at one of the FBO's at KSAT

If JT smokes half as much in the cockpit as he does in his movies then you'd better buy some of that cancer insurance before you start with him. I bet every approach that 707 flies is CAT III due to smoke in the cockpit.

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