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Wanna fly "Air America Style" !

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I hear the small arms fire is quite lovely in Columbia, this time of year.

While you're there, build a summer cottage.

Along with your hotshot dream, comes dysentary, malaria, rampant poverty, malignant idealism, and the joy of basking in the broken dreams of a suffering nation.

Now that you ask, the market is wide open in Pakistan and the Phillipines, and Chechnya, too.

What is it about war that you find attractive? Don't spread it around. Everybody will want one.
I go to Surinam tomorrow, I'll see if they have any openings in the jungle flying there. If you really interested in this stuff call Air Serve International, Redlands, CA. If you have the flight time you'll be in Sudan, or wherever living in a tent with your own Caravan in no time.I was serious about Angola, one of the biggest C-130 operations in the world is based there, but you will be shot at. Colombia is heating up, I grew up in the boonees there, you will get shot at, if your into those tracers going across your nose. Join the Air Force and fly for AMC, the Gitmo route is getting to ge real popular.
Wasn't there an article in one of the flying magazines a few months back about airlines in Belize using Caravans and needing pilots? I heard about it somewhere. About $40,000 tax free per year. I find the whole single engine way out over shark infested waters rather intimidating though. Call me a coward, but I come from a long line of living cowards. I found a VFR chart for that area as well. Looks like a place where you could disappear and never be found. If that appeals to you, check it out. Me, I will bide my time here on furlough and try to find ways to make money off of the football pool.
Flight Crews International

I should have remembered this one long before for you.

www.fcilax.com. Captain Mac has many leads about jobs outside of the U.S. as well as a good selection of domestic jobs. Unlike some of the hucksters such as Kit Darby and others, Captain Mac will give it to you straight.

Annual membership may be $150, but well worth it in terms of job leads and dealings with a real gentleman.

Hope this helps, and sorry I didn't think of this earlier. :)
Thanks for the leads guys !

Since flying sucks in Germany and Europe, I wanna go international.

Hey TurboS7, I'm not really into those tracers, but I'd still be curious about that C-130 outfit. Any contact info on that one ?

When I said: " ...wanna fly Air America Style ", I didn't mean that I'd like to get shot at or that I'm looking to fly in a war zone or else.
It's just that they fly really cool airplanes in that movie. The type of flying they do I like too...dirtstrips and stuff. Not that a movie can ever be compared to real live, but everybody needs his own little phantasy.
Well, I hope everybody is clear about this now.

More suggestions are welcome.

Tell him how many of those hercs were destroyed by landmines right after they were acquired from SAT...and about SAM downings of a 727 and two herc's not long after that.

But yes, they do sometimes use dirt strips. It's as good a place as any, to die.
OK, forget about Angola.

Avbug, don't be so negative ! At least try to criticise constructively.

Let's just go for the C-130's and the dirt strips, no bullets, tracers,SAM's and all that **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**.

Any suggestions here ?

What do you think, is the best source for international pilot jobs anyway ?
What about a ferry pilot job? You can still have running water when you're home and travel the world in style. They don't pay so bad either.

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