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wall charts

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just a member, not senior
Nov 26, 2001
I was trying to find a chart of the entire U.S. with airports and general stuff. Sporty's has what they call a JNCA-5 planning chart, but there is a note that states it isn't avail until june 2002.

Can anyone tell me a good sized chart to buy for a wall? Maybe in the 5x6ft sixe range?
The problem I have with the JNC is that it doesn't include 3-letter identiifers, which can be irritating depending on it's intended use.
It won't get you the whole U.S., but if you can put together a couple of WAC charts you will get you about 1/4 of the U.S. in the 5x6 ft range. Plus you'll have all the airport info already on the map.

I just bought a JNCA-5 chart from Sporty's two weeks ago, and got it in the mail 3 days later. I wanted one to put on my wall and use push pins to locate all the airports i've flown to. The JNCA-5 is nice and big, colorful, and on one sheet. It has most, but not all airports listed on it - I think to save space (kinda like a big VFR sectional minus V airways and some airports). Sporty's also sells an IFR/VFR planning chart that has victor airways, nav aids, airports w/ 3,000' paved runways (or an IAP), airspace classifications, cities/towns etc... The only thing is that it is double sided, so if you want to display it on a wall, you would have to buy two of them to see the entire US at once.

If anyone knows of a VFR sectional type chart with ALL airports, please let me know as this is what i really wanted.

guess you bought the last one.
whoever heard of a backorder log on a chart for 6 months?

Maybe I'm in the wrong business.

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