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Oct 5, 2005
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Is Wal Mart hiring? Anyone know the pay, qol, upgrade time, etc? I fly the Lj31, so that might help me get on there.


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Jan 5, 2002
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J3 Guy said:
No,Low,3 years.

They are not currently hiring and I wouldn't expect them to be any time soon. Everyone starts as a F.O. at a base pay of $43,000 and this raises to $50,000 at 1 yr. Upgrades are based on need, are currently slow, and since this IS NOT the regionals board I will not presume to have a clue. NO ONE EVER KNOWS HOW LONG AN UPGRADE WILL BE !!! EVER...

Quality of life is the strong suit of the department as RON's average only 2-3 per month and around 90% of all of the other trips are back to ROG between 1730 & 1800 LCL.

Compensation has fallen a bit behind but they are pretty good about bumping things up per Stanton Group's Industrial Flight Compensation Survey. My only reason for saying this is the fact that NW Arkansas is no longer the cheap place to live that it once was. Any other questions feel free to PM.
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Jul 19, 2004
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Not sure J3guy has inside info. But, hiring=no is correct. Pay=low. Depends on if we get our bonus(pay is average if we get our bonus each year). Upgrade=3 years(we wish). Upgrade is almost non existent right now due to absolutely no turnover. We have gone almost a year without hiring(unheard of), so this is probably the wrong time to get interested in WMT. However, it can turn around without notice.

The reason people stay is qol over pay due to the fact that we are pretty much home every night, and we get lots of time off(except nov and dec). If that goes by the wayside, look for people to leave in droves. Then, you might not want the job.

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