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Wake Clearance at JFK

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Well-known member
Mar 4, 2006
Hi Folks,

We fly our Cessna along the south shore of LI once or twice a month below 500'. Occasionally they are landing on the 4's at JFK and they are passing over the shoreline about 1100' according to my TIS. I take the conservative approach to avoiding the wake using the sink rate of 500' per minute calculation and adjust my passing underneath them accordingly.

I know that different aircraft have more or less intense wake turbulence but are there different sink rates for the various types of aircrafts or is 500' per minute a good standard?

BTW, I used to do a lot of NYC tours westbound along the south shore and up the Hudson as an instructor. Never had any issues. Speak to JFK tower and they'll issue wake turbluence alerts as you transition thier airspace at or below 500'.
Hell... every time in and out of JFK they won't tell me if i'm behind a heavy until I'm cleared to land......

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