VX at the top, Spirit at the bottom


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Jun 9, 2005
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Didn't Midwest express have the highest ratings as well?

Yup. The good news is we have coach as well as business/first class. That is a huge difference between Midwest and VX. As a huge generalization, I wouldn't guess Milwaukee was an extremely high yield city either. Certainly not as high as SFO or LAX. I could totally be wrong on that though. Also, read the last two sentences of what you quoted me on.
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Dec 12, 2001
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One of the things to look at with VX is that when the company launched the business model was the company would not turn the corner financially until it got to at least 50 airplanes. Interestingly now that VX has reached the 50 aircraft threshold the finances are turning around and some operational profits are being realized. Of course the current leadership at VX will not point to this is a factor, after all they (well he - DC) are the ones who stopped growth at 28 airplanes for a few years for the 'good' of the company. The original business plan had called for over 100 airplanes and over 30 cities at this point.