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Volunteering/Donating Pilot Services

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Well-known member
Jul 13, 2004
Hey guys,

I've seen quite a few ways that we, as Americans, can help people out after events such as Katrina (such as donating to the red cross) and I also know of volunteer flying services such as Angel Flight.

Although I'm not an aircraft owner, I'd like to know if theres any way I could donate my flying/pilot services to charity organizations. Does anyone know of any? It seems like it'd be another way to help out some people who are in need.

Thanks much!
Your Garmin 530 could come up on loot to some folks if you try goin in there. But hey, it's survival, man.
Ah, not necessarily with the hurricane right there and right now, but, it would be nice to know for in general.
I'd fly my 182 down there, but I'm waiting to hear from the USCG Aux on missions. I'm VERY underemployed, but if anyone wants to sponsor me let me know. I've flown 3.1 in the last 45 days or so.

We are donating clothes and stuff before someone starts flaming.

On a related note, I need some sort of job in the next month if anyone knows of anything in OK-TX-LA-KS area. 16 hours of AMEL time before you ask.

Just signed up. Hopefully I will also have a 250 Comanche in the AM to take with me. :)
A note about vacationrentalsforfamilies. They seem to be shut down in Louisiana. Don't know if we'll hear from them again.

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