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May 6, 2005
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Occasionally, just occasionally, kharma bites the right people in the a$$.

The Acor brothers deserve every bit of this, and more. Good for the crewmembers. I hope they get a check. A big one. And right soon.

Court upholds hazard pay jury verdict against airline

Posted: Jul. 20, 2012 | 4:23 p.m.
Appealing a $5.3 million award to charter pilots and crew members for hazard pay on flights to Iraq and Afghanistan has only worsened matters for Vision Airlines Inc.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday not only upheld the November 2010 jury verdict but also opened the possibility the employees could win punitive damages. Besides concerning regular flights into war zones, the case was unusual because U.S. District Court Judge Roger Hunt did not allow Vision to defend itself as a penalty for repeatedly hiding evidence.

"In this court's view, Vision will act to delay this litigation and prevent discovery by any means necessary," Hunt wrote in one order. Vision trial attorney Harold Gewerter called the 9th Circuit's ruling "unfortunate," and said the company would request a rehearing.

Vision Airlines, a Suwanee, Ga.-based unit of Vision Air Holding Co. in North Las Vegas, handles government contracts and runs a small, scheduled passenger service mainly connecting six cities in the Midwest to Myrtle Beach, S.C. Another part of the company, Vision Holidays, runs flightseeing trips to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley from the North Las Vegas airport.

According to the lawsuit filed in 2009, pilots working in war zones were entitled under government contracts to $5,000 for each roundtrip and other crew members $3,000. As a part of a federal government program called Air Bridge, Vision flew government personnel twice a week from Europe to Baghdad and Kabul. At one point , attorneys for the pilots and crews counted 127 people owed hazard pay.

Vision claimed their employment arrangements exempted it from hazard pay. The crews claimed Vision pocketed about $21 million the government had tagged for them. The jury settled on $4.5 million, with $770,000 in interest added later.

But what caught the 9th Circuit's attention were the repeated instances in which Vision did not turn over documents requested by the crews or heavily censored the ones it did without creating a court-required log.

Vision repeatedly contended that much of the material was classified as secret, but the 9th Circuit recommended that Hunt report Gewerter to the State Bar of Nevada for penalties or even disbarment because of "numerous ethical violations."

"I am very adamant that I have done absolutely nothing wrong," the Las Vegas attorney said. At one point, he said, Judge Hunt pinned the blame on Vision and not him.


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Jan 22, 2004
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Karma Police

Radiohead explains Karma very well here:

Radiohead members used to tell one another that they would call "the karma police" on them if they did something bad. The joke was incorporated into the lyrics and title of the song. Yorke explained that the song was about stress and "having people looking at you in that certain [malicious] way, I can't handle it anymore". Thom Yorke explained the idea of the lyrics to The Independent in 2006, saying, "It's for someone who has to work for a large company. This is a song against bosses. F**k the middle management!"

The Vision boys reap what they sow. Scumbag operation that gives aviation a black eye. I have first hand knowledge of being treated like pond scum from these dirtbags.


May 23, 2007
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They will just file bankruptcy anyway...Nobody will get a dime