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Virgin America 2nd Q numbers

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Old School 737

NG's now and it is A OK!!
Jun 13, 2005
Startup domestic airline Virgin America on Thursday reported a second quarter loss of $15.7 million, compared to a loss of $64.4 million in the second quarter of 2008.

The Burlingame-based airline said it saw revenue of $135.9 million, a boost of 47 percent year over year, and a 48 percent increase in capacity.

Traffic increased by 57 percent year-over-year.

The airline reported the highest loads in its history, with an 85.1 percent load factor in April, 84.1 percent load factor in May and 86.6 percent load factor in June.

The airline ended 2Q09 with $28 million in unrestricted cash and $54 million in total liquidity, with full funding for its operation through its projected profitability date.
VA isn't going anywhere... at least, I'm not holding my breath.

I know our management makes them out to be the bogeyman, but they are here and we need to find a way to compete with them. Hoping that the government is going to investigate their ownership, etc., is a longshot and I don't think anything is going to come of it any time soon.

Angle Lake thinks that putting us through the Customer Experience Workshops and providing service with a smile is enough to turn the tide. But, the average consumer is looking for a better in-flight experience (i.e. entertainment) and VA has that. Our digEPlayers ain't cuttin' it either.

I think we need to be more aggressive with shifting our focus to providing better in-flight amenities for our PAX. But, this would require too much of a paradigm shift for the Anglers and they are not comfortable with that.

I know, I know, retrofitting airplanes with seat-back units is costly and adds weight.
But, it may be a necessary evil to keep the average customer coming back. We are relying on the MVP Golds to keep coming back, but they are a small % of our customers. They, too, may decide to leave for mood lighting & seat-back units.

Some random thoughts from an average (stupid) line pilot.
Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread from VA to an ALK issue.

Oh my God the sky is falling!!! We must furlough!!!! We must shrink to profitability!!!! I may not be close to furlough but I fear I may be out of a job if the Anglers don't get their stuff together. But remember, they took a poll of the MVPs about us wearing hats so all is good. Please return to your regularly scheduled programming.
Dear Alaska Airlines bean counter. I'll trade you jobs for a week and we'll see if you still think I'm a cost to be minimized and not an asset to the company you dumb son of a B!
28 Mil is not that much $ in the grand scheme of things! I know we are much bigger but over 1 billion in the bank. As far as relative size I think we are way better leveraged.
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Impressive loads. I didn't think that VA would make it; I'm no longer sure that their demise is in the cards.
Just look at Skybus. $10.00 seats sound great for the consumer but they don't pay the gas bill.

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