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Well-known member
Oct 9, 2005
I am curious about making the jump from USCG to the ANG, I have 3 years left on my contract and I am 27. Does anyone know what the chances are about getting picked up for a flight slot in the Guard. Would they do a direct comission for me? anyone else that has done similar thing?
Hey, Its a definite possibility. It will depend alot on what happens in those 3 yrs tho. As for a direct commission, shouldnt be a problem up to 04 ie your LT vs Capt. above that you will probably lose a grade. They are pretty top heavy with 04's and 5's at the moment.

What you need to do is start looking at the type of unit you want and the state you want first. Stop in and start networking now. But dont leave it to just one state, visit and network many. If you have any buddies in a unit use that first as well.

Not sure if that helped or not... Oh and it will depend alot on whether you are fixed or rotorwing... alot fewer rotor wing units out their, mostly cali, oregon and ny if I'm not mistaken..

Good Luck

Capt Happy...
gold to silver

If you are not already a rated aviator you will probably not be able to start UPT before age 30. You should be able to keep your rank as long as you don't have have any broken time. Stay in the IRR if you aren't leaving the CG one day and entering into the ANG the next. Baseops.net has a must read about going from Gold to Silver. Some of it will apply to you. Good Luck

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