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USAirways reaches RJ agreement

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Well-known member
Mar 24, 2002
At approximately 4:50pm est. Alpa signed an agreement with management of USAirways. Don't know too many details yet except for the 287 protected pilot jobs are saved. Also there will be some sort of Jets4jobs deal but I do not have any details.

This is Roy Freundlich with a US Airways MEC update for Thursday, April 18, with three new items:

Item 1. The MEC today unanimously voted to ratify Letter of Agreement, 81, titled, "Immediate Small Jets."

The terms of the agreement include contract modifications and job protections that ensure all US Airways furlough protected pilots retain mainline positions, as well as creating hundreds of job opportunities at US Airways Express carriers for non-protected furloughed US Airways pilots.

After reviewing an April 11 small jet proposal from management, which included a Jets for Jobs program and required MEC ratification by April 18, the MEC directed the Negotiating Committee to work with management to modify the proposal to retain all 287 furlough protected pilots on the mainline.

The small jet agreement allows LOA 47, Mainline Parity Adjustments, to be modified to enable a portion of the parity award to be utilized to retain up to 287 pilots. This portion of the parity award will be used only after a new staffing analysis is completed and a decision on force majeure grievances is issued. The remainder of the parity award will be paid in cash to adjust all US Airways pilots' compensation.

By ensuring that the 287 protected pilots are retained to the mainline, the Jets for Jobs program in the agreement provides approximately 280-560 or more job opportunities at small jet carriers for currently furloughed US Airways pilots.

In exchange, the Company is permitted to immediately operate an additional 70 small jets under its code, at a 50-seat maximum, with ramp-up operations beginning as early as next week.

This agreement includes the following terms:

No additional furloughs will take place unless a new force majeure event occurs.
It expedites the presentation and completion of the force majeure grievance, and seeks to secure a decision on this arbitration no later than August 1, 2002.
One half of the vacancies generated by the small jets placed at US Airways wholly-owned or affiliate carriers will be provided to US Airways non-protected pilots. At Potomac Air, all vacancies will be filled by non-protected pilots.
All furloughed pilots employed by small jet carriers under this LOA will be paid first-year Captain rates applicable to the jet equipment flown, regardless of the seat occupied.
The Company will voluntarily acknowledge ALPA as the representative of pilots at Potomac Air.
It calls for a joint pilot staffing analysis of the airline, using both Company and ALPA input.
The Negotiating Committee will meet with the Company next week to finalize the LOA and a copy will be sent to all US Airways pilots. The MEC will also be sending out a letter shortly that further explains the provisions of the agreement. This letter and LOA 81 will be posted on the pilots only section of the MEC website when they are completed.

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