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"Usable" fuel capacity???

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Sep 13, 2004
In the PA28, if both tank were topped right up to the brim, the total fuel capacity would be 50 gallons. But what would be the "useable" capacity??? I couldn't find anything in the airplane manual.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
It's been a long time since I've flown a Cherokee, but assuming you're talking about the PA28-140 you have listed in your profile, I remember it being 48 gallons.
48 gallons. 2 gallons unusable fuel.
now with that out the way, whats the purpose of having unusable fuel? just thought i would throw it out there, since i have had several DE's ask that.
It's like a guarantee. You can probably use the unusable fuel, but you WILL be able use the usable fuel. Just a little pad to include fuel that might get stuck in a wrinkle in the bladder, inaccessable due to a little slip or skid, etc. Way back when, one of our instructors taxied in in a '152 (WITH a student), shut down, and put 25.6 gallons of fuel in it after a cross-country. Usable is 24.5.
The good news, from my point of view, was that it happened a week before my CFI checkride, so I had a job waiting!
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I always thought it was the fuel left in the lines, pump etc, after the tank was dry - no pressure etc., to feed the engine.

I also thought it was a consideration in weight and balance, Standard or Licensed Empty Weight.

When I fuelled at the FBO I eventually got a job instructing at I put more than the capacity into a Cessna 152, and a Seneca II.

I see you got a 1 star rating UnAnswerd?...someone's at it again!
now with that out the way, whats the purpose of having unusable fuel?

There is no purpose. That's why it's "unusable."

A certain amount of fuel remains which cannot be used due to fuel port positioning, and the inability of the lines to fully drain once the fuel pumps cavitate.

Fuel ports don't drain from the very bottom of the tank in order to prevent drafting any sediment or contaminants that may remain. What does remain is "ususable."
look in the daaammnn POH. thats usually where we find these things. dude, seriously.

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