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Well-known member
Aug 28, 2002
:eek: Anybody out there had an interview with USA Jet lately that could give me the gouge. Also any rumors on class dates expected upgrade times etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

" But Bob I gotta baaaaad feeling about this one! I dont think were gonna make it outtta here!"
I'm in the current class, there are no scheduled classes in the future but a friend of mine from Reliant is interviewing in 2 weeks. Things change on an hourly basis in aviation so....

one thing i have to say.... VERY PROFESSIONAL place. I'm extremely impressed so far. The pay scale kicks ass, the training is very very thorough (sp?)

oh and PM Pilotyip, he may just know a whole lot about USAJet :) *shrug*

feel free to PM me as well.

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