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USA Jet to start interviewing

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
USA Jet Ailines is going to start interviewing in April to bill a pool for possible hiring later this year, only few of the pilots released last year are still availabe for recall. Interted parties should fax their resume to 734-547-7388. Those meeting the hiring profile will be sent applications.
Hey Pilot YIP !

I interviewed with them in 2000, and was given a start date sometime in 2000. I could't accept it, as I had already commited to another job, but was placed in a pool. Are they still calling people from that pool ?

Also, what is their growth right now ?
What is their upgrade time on the DA20 and DC9 ?

Fly safe !

DA-20 mins F/O 1200 TT, 750 ME, helo time counts

competitive: 2000 TT, 1000 MEL, some good turbin PIC, again helo time counts, desire to live in the Detroit area, and live on a pager.

Is there a training contract.. and do they like former 135 cargo guys.. used to live on a pager with an operator across the field from you about 3 years ago..

Wouldn't mind going back to frieght, it was fun then..
Usa jet

Just wondering what the pay is like, and do they require you to live in detroit?? Is the DA20 what they hire into or do they hire into the dc-9 also??

The last I heard, there was a 2-yr. training contract.

You can get hired into the -9 or the Falcons, but last I heard they still had some of the -9s parked, so the hiring would be for the Falcon initially. Previously, the Falcon guys had 10 days off, and the -9s 12. You don't have to live in Ypsilanti, but it's a lot easier than trying to commute. Previously, when you were on call, you were on a 20" pager, so had to get a place close to the airport.


The contract is a $18,000 training contract for 24 months. This is for SIC training (no type rating is ever mentioned) If you leave anytime in the first 12 months, for any reason (even if you fail training - hey, that's how it reads) you own the full $18,000.

After the first 12 months, it goes down at 6% per month, until the last month when the remaining 28% drops off.

You also sign something called a "Cognovit Note". This basically says that if you leave prior to 24 months you agree to allow the company to get a summary judgement against you. This is for the amount left in the training contract without you being able to defend yourself in court. And they will add 10% per year as well.

Also, it says that if you default on the contract (I'm guessing that means you won't pay, and they have to come after you) you are agreeing to 25% additional for lawyer's fees.

And you waive all rights of appeal.

That said - and I may of overlooked an item or two - in the past, they have not been as harsh as this sounds. But, they can be. I know people who have failed training, and not had to pay - but you may have too.

Before you pick a place to work, try to find out as much as you can before you go there.

I have found that ugrades times you hear of are usually the fastest that someone has done it in the last few years. At the last three places I've worked, if you took the quoted upgrade time and doubled it - that was when I upgraded.


Listen to the hotline 800-450-5387, that might get you an idea as to what is going on there.

I'd say that it looks like everyone's contract might be coming to an end and they want to be perpared to staff when this hiring thing starts up again.

If you are in it for flight time/experience and your phone is not going to ring for two years I would consider it. Provided they are flying a bunch now? It used to be good for 600-650 hours a year with decent pay and bennys.

Former USA Jet employee....

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