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usa 3000

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SWA tech

Well-known member
Dec 19, 2004
Any one have any info on USA3000? Have interview for a maintenance position just want to know if I am wasting my time its for St.Louis

If you can find a gig somewhere else I would, they just had 11 mechanics quit for different venues. Pilots are falling like flies. I dont think they will be around much longer, I would give it 3 years. So again to summize if you can get on somewhere else I would do it unless you need a short time gig. Good luck
How many aircraft left in the system?
In a perverse sort of way a shrinking airline can be good for a new hire. Everyone else is leaving, and you can decorate your resume with a broad set of privileges and responsibilities during your stay. It might take 30 yrs to get run+taxi qualified at United, at USA3000 it might take 30 days. FWIW, STL seems to be a city that USA3K refuses to abandon. Probably not a job that will carry you to retirement, but sounds like a reasonable plan if you're just looking to keep your head down while the storm passes.
Thanks for the info talk to the guy on the phone it was sad I am going to pass. Think its time just to cash out after 19 years. Good luck to you all
Just did my PC at Sim Center or whatever their new name is in MIA :D

Apparently a lot of USA 3000 guys are getting PCs and heading overseas.

Was a great place to work......

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