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US Customs in EINN

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Well-known member
Sep 23, 2002
Has anyone cleared US Customs in Shannon? If so how was it? Do they come out to the A/C? Last time I past through they where a few weeks away from offering the service.

Yes, they come out to the plane. Excellent folks. The ramp that Ground has you park on can get pretty tight though (it is not very large).
Are they clearing business jets or only airline type of equipment?

Thanks ... I spoke with Signature and their U.S. Customs facility isn't open yet. It won't be until mid February. Where did you clear?

I spoke with Signature EINN a few months ago and the expected to be able to clear PT91 business jets by mid 2010.
You guys are correct. I'm an idiot. Guess I need to slow down and read more carefully. I see you were asking about U.S. customs pre-clear not clearing into the EU. Sorry for the confusion.
thanks guys,
I was there back in October (i think) and said it would only be another month or two before it was available. Oh well, maybe next time!
Here's the skinny on why pre-clearance has been delayed:

The “big news” of the last half of 2009 was the Pre-Clearance for GA out of Shannon and Dublin. It was advertised as a “full” pre-clearance and an operator could opt to pre-clear and fly into any airport within the U.S. (even non-airports of entry). The plan and the advertised release date for this procedure was squashed by CBP just a couple of months before it was to start. Nobody had apparently considered the international garbage issue. The group is working with Headquarters to find a solution to the problem and move forward with the plan. The same issues arose with the plans to provide “full” pre-clearance out of Aruba. If they modify the procedure to require operators to land at an AOE (that has de-catering available), then that would defeat the purpose of pre-clearing…so we will have to see how it all pans out.
Just called the CBP and was told that this service was for commercial aircraft only. Anybody know if this will ever be available to Pt91 aircraft?

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