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US Airways & Contract Express Carriers

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Feb 28, 2002
What is going one with the mainline pilots and the WO?

Will this affect the contract express carriers for US Airways like Mesa, Shuttle America, Colgan, and so forth?

Will the mainline US Airways default their contract to the contract carriers?

Will the mainline take the routes assigned to the contract carriers back and leave them on their own?

Any information on this is greatly appreciated.....

Answers to your questions:

1. What is going one with the mainline pilots and the WO? Back Stabbing

2. Will this affect the contract express carriers for US Airways like Mesa, Shuttle America, Colgan, and so forth?
One can only hope so.

3. Will the mainline US Airways default their contract to the contract carriers?
That would be a good start.

4.Will the mainline take the routes assigned to the contract carriers back and leave them on their own?
I doubt it, but I still pray.
Please reply and answer the questions with valid answers .

Many thanks, i'm still looking for answers among the US Airways Express piots who knows some or more about what's happening.

Regards to everyone.
unfortunetely, bored's answers are pretty much the truth. If you have a specific question I will try and answer it to the best of my knowledge. To give an overview of the entire situation would require a novel.
Here's what I know from the PDT side of things. We just had our MEC do a phone survey that asked the pilot group if we would fly the RJ for Dash 8 300 pay, take concessions on our current contract (Min. day, Health etc). The survey came back with us basically saying NO WAY. So we will present that to management on Monday. Basically we feel why in the hell should we take pay cuts when we make money for the Group!
Now are bids are out late because they are sending 4 planes back because there leases are up. Looking to get rid of 14 A/C by the end of the year. So look for some furloughs, then they want to add RJ's on the WO's after Potomic (Gov. Loan=begining of Potomic). 50% which will be mainline Furloughs, with capt. pay! Hmmm, we take concessions to save company and they do that!!!!!!!!!!! Its a big MESS at PDT, basically we don't know what the hell is going on... Thats about all I know!

Thanks for the compliment!


I could go on to write alot on each of the questions you asked, but I thought it best to keep it simple. Like Fr8 said its a long story.

Re-reading my post there does seem to be some anger in my words and I'll try to explain.

We at PSA are completely left in the dark. Just about a week ago our MEC ratified(sp) a contract that we turned down. Although it has been said that there are some improvments, it still sounds like the same thing we shot down, and they ratify it without a vote by the pilot group. BIG BALLS! To top it off it will take months before the whole thing is in effect. EVEN BIGGER BALLS!! To add to the fustration they're in talks with managment over LOA 81 and the pilot group has not even been asked if we would be willing to let this happen. THE BIGGEST BALLS!!!

To my fellow ALG and PDT pilots I feel that our MEC is selling you out and becoming nothing more than the lowest bidder. A very large amount of the PSA pilots do not agree with our MECs actions in the past and coming weeks, so please accept my appologies(sp) now.


I think you can see why we don't want contract airlines here, we're fighting for our lives. With the amount of mainline pilots on the street we don't need to have (Mesa, CCAir, Colgan, Chatuaqua(sp), Shuttle America, Air Midwest, and TSA flying as US Airways Express when we already have three WO Express airlines that can do the job just fine.

We need to return the mainline pilots to mainline, get rid of the contract carriers and update the fleet of the WO. Once again I'm keeping it simple. But to answer your questions 2.-4. I don't think the contract carriers will feel much pain unless they take the Jets 4 Jobs deal.

See ya

Do you honestly think that Colgan is taking business away from you guys at PSA? Why don't you take a look at our route structure and see where were predominately fly. 90+% of our routes are essential air service routes that Colgan owns. We fly routes that WE own, and feed US Airways the business. US Airways, for the most part, does not feed us business.

Do you want to take your 328 from BOS to RUT or BOS TO AUG and RKD? How about BOS to BHB? Most of the airports we fly into will not support an aircraft larger than a 1900 anyway...
Why does the bashing of Contract carriers continue? Can you guys have an intelligent conversation without having to criticize other pilot groups? We all share the same love the same proffesion. That is getting into a cockpit every time we go to work. Not that many people have that same privilage we all have. Just consider yourself one of the few lucky ones.

When I read the messages in this board, and someone is insulting another pilot group your not only insulting that group of pilots but you are insulting every person that calls the cockpit its office. We are suppose to be all brothers belonging to the an union(most of us). If you are going to criticize us make sure you get all the facts first. When we have a contract, you have to comply by it. Of course I would prefer a better contract that would allowed me to improve my lifestyle but I'll wait until we get it. For now I have to honor my contract, if I don't I am disrespecting my fellow pilots and i am not honoring my word I gave the company when I accepted this job.

In conclusion, do not insult us when we are trying to do the same thing you are all trying to do which is to bring food to our family in a legitimate way. By abiding to our contract and the ALPA constitution

A Pilot

I would venture to say that you do a fantastic job at Colgan, but the point is US Airways Group Flying needs to stay within the group ie: Mainline - PDT - ALG - PSA.

The routes that you have mententioned may not be the most glamourous but its still a route that we at PSA don't fly. I just looked at your web site and your airline currently flys to 19 airports that we at PSA do not serve, but could. If we had those airports it would mean growth for the WO instead of the furloughs and/or terminations currently going on at PDT and ALG.

Now as far as your statement about the airport not supporting anything larger than a 1900, I don't know if your talking about people or runway length, but I'll address both. It's been said that the 328 needs 7 people to break even and so far the shortest runway I've landed on is RWY 22 at DCA 4911' I forgot what our required min RWY lenght is, some other PSAers please let me know. But I'm pretty sure we could land where your going.

Don't get me wrong I'm not agaisnt you or your airline but we the WO need to look out for ourselves just like Mainline is looking out for themselves. Growth at Mainline should happen before growth at a WO Express carrier and growth at a WO Express should happen before any growth at a contract airline flying under the US Airways name.

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