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May 7, 2004
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Published yesterday in US Airways Today, the employee newsletter:

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Merger integration team announced

Several officers with US Airways and America West Airlines have been tapped to lead key cross-departmental teams through the initial integration process for the merged US Airways.

On US Airways' side, Senior Vice President of Planning Andrew Nocella will head the scheduling team, and Vice President of Labor Relations Al Hemenway will oversee labor relations.

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Jerry Glass will be responsible for the management organizational structure, human resources and benefits, including policies governing the travel pass program.

Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Liz Lanier will head the integration team handling all contracts, including labor and vendors.

Meanwhile, Senior Vice President and Controller Anita Beier will help integrate financial planning and auditing for the merged US Airways.

With America West, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker will be responsible for integrating communications plans and the overall employee culture.

Vice President of Marketing Travis Christ will lead the team handling airline branding and the frequent flyer program.

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Joe Beery will shore up integration of reservations and all other Information Technology systems.

Senior Vice President of Customer Service Anthony Mule will handle airports' needs with his team, and Vice President of Revenue Management Scott Bowers will support the revenue management integration team.

Integration teams will oversee essential elements of the merger process and will be comprised of employees from both America West and US Airways.

These teams will work closely with integration leader Scott Kirby, America West's executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, to merge the two carriers into the new US Airways. Kirby also presides on the previously announced executive steering committee.

Officers for the merged airline have yet to be announced.
I'm very pleased overall with this team. Nocella is one of a few talented people US has left, and he previously worked for HP, so he knows both carriers. Hemenway and Glass are assholes, but good at what they do. Lanier and Beier are good choices for their positions, as US is the much larger carrier, and they have more experience in their areas; the two of them are reasonably competent, as well. Parker and Christ are obviously the right people for employee culture and marketing. Much of US's IT is outsourced to EDS and Sabre, so picking the HP guy is the obvious choice there. I really don't know much about the other two HP execs.

Best part is that there's no place at the table for Al Crellin, or Donna Paladini, or Kerry Carstairs, or Sherry Groff.
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