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US Airlines w/ International domiciles

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Dec 19, 2001
I know NWA has an Amsterdam and Narita domicile, do any other US carriers have bases outside the country? I have always planned on flying with an international airline like Cathay or SIA but I wouldn't mind Amsterdam. What it really comes down to is I have no desire to do domestic flying. At most US majors, you have to be there a while to get the long haul trips as opposed to Cathay where thats all there is, and I could still be based in the US or Canada if I want. Can anyone tell me if Amsterdam is a very senior base or is it possible to live there w/ little seniority.
airgator - Crew leasing companies like Hawaiian Aviation, et al provide American crews to companies like JAL, Nippon, Korean, Asiana, China Air, etc. Lots have bases in the US, but do virtually all long haul overseas. All fly 747 and other heavies. Assuming you get your JAR license and the right to work, you can work for some mid-eastern and far eastern companies.

Judging by your profile, your a very long way off to meeting even the minimum qualification for these companies, much less the "real" competitive requirements.

Try www.pprune.com for a BB on many foriegn companies.
I know ive got a very loooong way to go but aint nothing wrong with dreamin!!
Fed Ex


Fed Ex has a base in Subic Bay Philippines. I don't know the details, but I think it can be a very junior base as well. It is staffed with volunteers and I have heard that Fed Ex has offered incentives for pilots wishing to relocate there.

Keep on building your experience and heading toward your dream.


Continental has a base in Guam. They fly 737's all around the Pacific. You can check out their route structure at their website. I think it is relatively junior so you could get there pretty quick.

Best O' Luck


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