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US AIR wholly owns screwed

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scouts out!

Active member
Dec 24, 2001
Once again the wholly owns of US Airways are left out to dry by their supposed mainline brothers. On behalf of all your brothers and sisters at the 3 wholly owns, thanks for watching out for us and our lively hoods, we hope you and your step brothers and sisters live happily ever after.
The devil will be in the details, and it will be a devil. There will be no winners. Contrary to some, there are many pilots who want this to work. It will be interesting how much we all will be able to stomach. We can only hope that the WO negotiaters are wise in what they negotiate.

By the way, the deal has yet to be inked by some key players, like, DS, MB, or any of the senior management at U--and ALPA's DW and CB, too.

Along for the ride,
....based on rumor, since our own Union is keeping this secret, apparently so they can force upon us the contract we just voted down

RUMOR: The three wholly owned companies are in a bidding war for RJs (the crappy ones too). Lowest pay rates and most contract concessions get the jets. I hear that PSA is leading the way...maybe we can pay them.

This is the reason commuter pilots get paid so little. They are always whoring themselves out. Tripping over themselves to get any job for crappy wages. Thankfully the days of paying for training are gone. But, tripping over themselves to get jets? What's the big deal about a jet? Especially if you are going to get paid less for flying it! I knew when I was hired on here (PSA) that they had turboprops, if I had wanted to fly jets, I would have applied to Comair. It's the same thing, it just gets there faster! Too bad for all you old farts that are stuck here, I don't want to make even less because you want to satisfy some fantasy.

Our last TA was concessionary, it wasn't even cost of living increase!

How about noboby give concessions and let the jets go where they may?

I gotta get outta here...time to get out the checkbook and pay for another job.
Oh the irony. "Pay for another job." You forgot to attach a little smiley face so we all know that your last sentence was a joke. Which is what we hope, or you wasted your time writing that post. You basically said you're going to do the same the RJ dudes are doing. Paying for their jobs.
HEY PSA guys: WHOS your DIR or Training? is it still SilverQuenn? The guy was nice enough to ask me for 4 buddy passes for his Girlfriend/her 3 kids to go see him for Thanksgiving, he was gonna pay me for them($446) , well here we are on May 7 and your upstanding Training Director refuses to return any calls in the past 5 months! If ya see Big Brad ask him how hes doing and if he needs any buddy passes!

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