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Dec 3, 2001
I was hoping to get some basic information on life style and schedules at UPS. I'm sure it varies with seniority and location, but thought someone could give me some sort of an average for days on and nights away from home.

Thanks in advance for any information.

If you're junior, you'll be working about 12 days out of 28. Away from home the whole time. If you're lucky it's 6 days on, 8 days off....if not, 4 on, 3 off, 3 times a month. If you want to live in Louisville, you can be home more by bidding reserve and hoping they don't use you much.

Senior guys can do better. I'm away from home about ten days a month and work 7 or 8 duty periods during that time. We fly short legs on the 727, which is the senior airplane, and my yearly block hours flown is less than 200.

Some day flying but mostly night....you get used to it. If you have senority, though, you can work it out so you only do day stuff but not on the 727....it's an all night airplane.

There are so many different types of flying and types of equipment, that you should be able to find a niche. Anything from around the world international...to just going to Decatur and back from Louisville. Some guys get senior enough to bid trips in the city they live in so they can be home every day...but still work at night. I live in Spokane and could be doing a day trip to Des Moines 9 times a month....not even commute....just drive to the airport. I'd have to fly the 757, though, and I like the 727, so we'll wait a while on that one.

I'm around 900 out of 2400 pilots but haven't upgraded yet. Senority means a lot to quality of life and quality of life means a lot more to me than money.
Is Ontario still senior? How long does it take to get there (average)? Only the 757/767 out of ONT? Is there somewhere you can find the cities UPS has as "gateway" cities, such as the Spokane example?

Yeah....ONT is senior. It's only 757/767, too. As 900 out of 2400, I could hold reserve or a pretty bad line as a Capt. I would be 5 in the seat as an F/O, and could hold some nice trips, but not as nice as what I can get now. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what a "nice" trip is. In general, the ONT domicle has been understaffed and the trips there have been bad. An example of a bad trip would be YVR-BFI-RFD...sit the sort...fly to LAN and layover. Back the other way the next night. Do that five nights in a row and add the deadheads to each end...and you're working 12 to 13 days out of 28.

We used to publish a list of cities we fly to on the IPA/union website. It was taken down after 9/11 when we lost the ability to take off-line jumpseaters and also as a security precaution...no need to be telling the world where we go and when we leave, I think. Anyhow...if you have questions about a specific place, feel free to ask.
any idea when ups will open up the jumpseat?

do any of your pilots have problems getting the jumpseat on other airlines since you dropped your jumpseat? had one riding the other day and thought about that...

No idea when well get the jumpseat back but I'm not holding my breath. Our jumpseat coordinator is working on it. I wish I could say more but the pilot group is really in the dark. Don't know if management's playing games or if it's an FAA thing or what. I have decided to not jumpseat anymore except in an emergency. I bought a ticket the other day to Louisville for training. I've used company tickets when available. I've used Southwest space available passes. And I've jumpseated on Mesa, once. All since 9/11.

I have heard a few stories of guys been giving a "talking to" by other crews but for the most part it's been no big deal....

Not sure how long that will last, though.

Don't forget to mention the BROWN uniforms and hat!!! (They happen to look just like the box throwers!!):D
Hugh, if the tutu helps, just let us know. No need to post a picture.



I was curious if it would be posibble to bid out of SLC the same way you do out of GEG? I commuted for Eagle back to JFK for a while and it kind of cured me of ever wanting to do it again :eek: Thanks for all the info!

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