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UPS Miami base, how senior is it?

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Active member
Apr 19, 2002
Assuming I can eventually get hired, I was wondering how senior the Miami crew base is? Also, do the Florida lines go senior? I would like to live in FL without some undo hardship like flying boxes to the great white north.

As most domiciles go, you will have some very senior and some very junior. I think that some of the most junior F/O's are in Miami. There are no F/E's in Miami because they only fly the 757/767 down there. I'm not sure about who bids what because I'm based in Louisville. I hope this helps :)

I believe the MIA crew base is, in general, junior but the FL lines (not MIA based) go senior. The number 1 F/O one the 727 has done the JAX-SDF trip for years cause here lives there....unfortunately for him, it just went to the 757.

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