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UPS Hiring Hotline #?

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I don't think there is a hotline but I'm not sure. All pilot apps have to be through the web @ UPS.com. Recommendations have to be on the web as well. Iv'e heard rumors from hiring in June this year to January of 03. I would tend to believe next year.

while waiting to fly at the local flight school i, picked up an air line mag, on the cover was ups 757 , the mim time was 3,000 hours
also wanted 2,500 turbine time and others, pay scale from what i remember 1st year FO $2,300 Dollars a month year3 $6,300 per month some thing like that Sr. Captian 20yrs svc $17,500 per month wow.Cant remember what mag but it was a professional publiaction.:D
United Parcel Service (UPS)

Head of Recruiting/Title: Philip Donahue, Workforce Planning Manager

HR Mail Address: Pilot Recruitment, United Parcel Service, 802 Grade Lane, Louisville, KY 40213.

Minimum Qualifications:

ATP Written; Commercial ME; FE Written or Certificate

Radio FCC Certificate

21 years old

First Class medical

Four year degree preferred

How to Apply/Fees: Apply online at www.upsjobs.com

How to Update: Update or edit your profile online at www.upsjobs.com

# Pilots as of 1/02: 2,530

Crew Bases: Louisville, KY; Ontario, CA; Miami. (note: all new hires start in Louisville)

Starting Pay: $26,000 a year (Hotel and per diem paid by Company during training)

Probable 2nd Year Pay: SO, $56,647 a year.

Union: Independent Pilots Association

Hotline Phone: 1.800.241.2357

Remarks: Check their recruitment web site for instructions on how to submit your online profile.
<<Is UPS commuter friendly?>>

Very. We have a good mix of military, corporate, regional and freight backgrounds. As far as I know no one knows what the secret is to getting interviewed or hired. I applied and was hired in less than 6 months and there's nothing special about me. I've heard of other guys seemingly more qualified that can't even get the interview. A recommendation from a Management Pilot would probably be a big help. Most people think if you get the interview it's your job to lose.

Another thing to note is that new hire pay (which is atrocious right now) is probably about to go up to about 40K not including per diem. That will be a big help to the new guy and probably get more people to apply. I know a lot of guys that refuse to apply over the starting pay and I can't say I blame them. I'll let you know on that in a few days. Hopefully hiring news will come sooner rather than later.
A little more info on UPS for you. I went to several Air Inc. job fairs and talked to Phil D. each time. He remarked every time that I have very good flight time as for total time/jet PIC/night and have the degree and so on, but he always asked 'if' and 'how many LORs' I have?". I have just one. He would ask who that person was(he said he did not know my LOR pilot). He also told me to try and get more LORs. I wanted to say to him, "since we do not have a jumpseat policy with UPS, and since 9-11, I really do not think it is a good idea to hangout by the hubs or airports that UPS flys out of, how else do I go by in getting a LOR. Also, I do not expect a pilot who would met me for the first and talk for say about 15 minutes or so and put his/her creditablity on the line for someone who they really do not know.

So get the LORs and udate your resume online once a month. That is what he told me to do.

I have been trying for two years now, and have not even gotten a time sheet in the mail. I refuse to give up and will most likely keep going to the Air Inc. Job fairs. At this point with only one LOR, I am 'praying' that he will notice me at one of the Job Fairs. Well, time to make plans for the ATL on July 13th.

Good Luck,
commuter friendly

If your talking about not living in base...I think UPS is more commuter friendly than most but not Fedex....as I understand it, they get tickets from home of record, we don't.

UPS doesn't care where you live. Sometimes you get a trip with a commercial ticket to position from Louisville to an outstation. You can use that money for a ticket from where you live to where you are going to work. If there is any money left over....you can bank it for one pay period and use it next time. If the amount you have to work with doesn't cover a ticket from your home to work....you have to pay the rest out of your pocket....we only have passes on southwest and ata...which is nice but not nearly as good as a people carrier or Fedex. UPS doesn't give discounts to their employees or to other airlines...so why should other airlines give us passes. If your trip has a company deadhead to position you....you're out of luck....you have to jumpseat either on or off line.

I've been a commuter at UPS since day one. It worked out great for me. I've delayed/bypassed upgrades to maintain seniority...that's the key to making it work. I can usually hold trips that are clean 5 on, 9 off, and have commercial tickets for positioning and depositioning....just had a hell of a time getting home on a SWA pass from HOU to GEG, though...memorial day weekend, ouch.

A new hire stuck on reserve is another story....I think commuting on reserve would suck.

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