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Upgraded landing lights for CubCrafters Carbon Cub FX-3

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Happy ending to this long crazy saga. Whelen/WAT had me do some tests, try a Ferrite noise reducer on the power lines like many of us remember seeing on USB cables, nothing worked. They suggested I swap left and right lights, things got worse. Whelen/WAT stepped up with their continued beyond amazing customer service and support and sent me two new lights. I installed them today and the noise was gone and everything worked great! Hallelujah!!!

So in the end, a pretty simple upgrade other than the heinously painful one I endured. Replace two breakers, replace landing lights, install the newer flasher that supports higher power and done. Would I do this again? Probably a nope! But these lights are 2.5 times brighter than what CubCrafters installed so that's a good thing for various reasons. CubCrafters is supposedly coming out with a retrofit kit, I doubt it will be cheap, but for those that want to put better lights in your cubs they have a path coming soon for you.

The end.
Flew this evening and noticed the landing lights on the runway and it wasn't even dark. It was dusk, maybe 10 mins after sunset and I've never seen the lights on the runway unless dark with the prior lights. Looking forward to a night flight soon to see how these new lights really "shine." :) Excited to have real light finally!

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