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Upgrade times?

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Well-known member
Mar 26, 2002
I was wondering what the upgrade times are at the various regionals.
<in a tent, out behind the local airport, a man dressed in a dark cape and with a top-hat preaches to a group of young flight instructors...>

"I the amazing Garbonzo will now amaze and astound you by predicting the upgrade times at the various regionals..."

<gasp> <applause!!>

"Thats right...knowing only a little information regarding what the upgrade time was for people who were hired a few years ago we can accurately predict the fuuuuuutre!!!"

<more applause>

"I will need absolute silence as I gaze into my crystal ball and call upon the spirits of the aaaaafterlife...."

"Oooh great spirit of Tom Braniff... bequeath on us your vast wisdom... share with us the upgrade time for Chautauqua...Mesa...Mesaba..."

"Meditate with me everyone! We must channel the spirit of Juan Trip and of Howard Hughes..."

"Juan...Howard... visit us from beyond!!! Tell us of the future...."

<lights flicker on and off... and then.... silence..."

"Whoops. Sorry, RJ F/Os dont make enough to pay the electric bill. Sorry folks, there'll be another show at noon, dont forget to tell your friends."

<but sir, the upgrade time?>

"oh yeah...lets see...um...Juan Trip told me in a vision that the upgrade time at Chautauqua would be...um...lets saaaaay... more than 2 and less than 14 years. Yup. Be amazed. "
Yes, I have to agree. The most frequently asked dumb question.

The upgrade time today can be drastically different than the upgrade time tomorrow.
Like they have been saying it always changes. Some are told 1 year and they are FO's for 5 years. Some people at Horizon were thinking 2 years when they were hired and still wearing 3 stripes after 5 1/2 years. New people may be there for 7+.. the real answer is you never know.
PoorJetDriver said:
PSA has 4 year + FO's.

It's going to be longer than that everywhere in the not too distant future. I'm willing to bet that will be considered a "quick upgrade" in about 5 years...
Write down a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper, tear it up, drop the pieces into a hat, reach into said hat, pull out aforementioned piece of paper, read number, best guess as to upgrade time.
It's funny, put a bunch of CFIs and other applicants into a room, and they all seem to know exactly what the upgrade times are. Ask a bunch of airline pilots, and no one knows. Kinda makes me wish I was still instructing...

Not really.

I wish for once someone would ask the time it takes to feel comfortable enough in the airplane to upgrade than the time it may take to upgrade. I'm a CFII, I know everything...give me a jet.

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