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Don't go anywhere where you wouldn't want to be an FO for eight years or so. The most unhappy people on Flight Info are FO's that thought they would only be in the right seat for a year or two and then ended up spending a substantial portion of their "careers" as high speed radio operators. Just a thought.

How old are you? If your're a young pilot (20's or 30's), you may want apply to apply to Colgan or CommutAir and see what happens. Whatever you decided to do, good luck.
You can't plane for it. Just make the best decision for you and hope for the best. If you don't have to commute to a certain carrier, that's a good one. If you prefer a certain region to fly in, that's another. Make a "Pro/Con" list. I just wouldn't cross a picket line.
It all ways seem to me the ones that "catch" the quick upgrade do it unknowingly. They go to a airline just for the job not thinking much will happen then the next thing they are captains. People that hear about quick upgrades and then try to jump ship always show up late and sit as FO's for years. It is just kinda luck I guess.

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