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Upcoming Air Wis interview

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
I've got an interview coming up this month at Air Wisconsin and was wondering if anyone has been through the process lately. I realize that this is the first month that they started interviewing since last year and am trying to get some info. I was in the pool last fall and now have to re-interview all over again. Also, to the Air Willy folks, what's the word over there for future growth and plans? Thanks

Dude...... what's mine say?
Regarding the interview you can probably expect much of what went on before ie. your goals, what you have been doing lately etc. If you haven't been flying they may give you the sim again. Brush up on the tech stuff again. Remember they just got 1300 applications in a 48 hour window so they have quite a few options now compared to last year.

As for growth, aircraft deliveries are still planned on schedule with the latest figures given as 10 Do328's (all Denver based non in ORD), 14 BAE 146's (maybe "upgraded" to AVRO's if the price is right), ATW and DEN and 34 RJ's DEN and ORD by Feb '03. RJ deliveries are supposed to be about 2 a month next year with our firm order for 75 and options on 75 still standing.

The way things look, you may end up in DEN initially possibly on the Do328 or RJ. ORD has gone senior for FO's and junior in DEN. It all depends on staffing and there is a current pilot realignment pending. You will get to bid in your 1st week of class and it all goes by age in class ie. oldest have higher seniority number and better chance of what they want. In short, a crap shoot :)
A friend of mine just had his re-interview. He said it was much the same process and very little was different from the first time. He did everything including a sim ride. I guess the company wants to make sure they made the right decision about hiring from the pickings they had before. I would think the next classes hired will be very qualified if you know what I mean. Best of luck
That was me.

I interviewed on tuesday this week, first group. It was in Appleton though not Denver where i was last time. Interview is basically the same. Hard to say what they are looking for. Lots of questions about leadership, goals, how you get along with people etc. The same thing as before. No new technical oral questions but the written quiz is longer and more extensive. A hodgepodge of aviation questions, some short answer. You don't have time to finish it. Most of the questions are basic and it's not very difficult. Did sim evaluation in captain's house, same as before if you interviewed in ATW. Really nothing new. I just hope they are not trying to weed out too many people.

Possible Dornier class end of august with more classes to follow.

let me know if you have any more questions.

good luck
thanks for the info everyone. by the way, how many pilots are there presently at air wis and what's the word on how many they would like to be at in the next year or so? i can't remember the numbers they told me last year, but i'm sure it's changed significantly since last year.
I can kind of help on that one: Currently around 650 or so... and now that we've balanced the correct number of Dornier crews with Dornier aircraft growth should resume. We're still getting about 2 RJ's a month and plan to do so for some time. As far as project numbers I don't know. That stuff changes all the time.

Well, if we get 2 new aircraft a month, at 11 pilots needed to staff one plane, that's 22 new bodies needed a month, minimum.

So, as long as the new ones keep coming and we don't have another 328 or 146 reduction, we'll need another 250+ pilots in the next year.

Of course, things could always change, but for now that's how things look.

The Sim was at a Capt's house??? Can you elaborate? What kind of Sim? Also what do you need to do to prep for the written (i.e. Atp gleim)? Does anyone know of any ex-midway guys at AW?Thanks for any info.
Ex-Midway! We were told about a week ago to encourage any guys with CL-65 time to get their resume in quick! Of course it would help to know someone here, but I'd say the next best thing is to show that CL-65 time on the resume.

Good Luck!

I have....I have, but unfortunately I don't know any one personally, not yet at least. hint hint.
I did send my stuff there this week Fedex with my CL-65 times on it in BIG writing so hopefully it will get someones attention.
Thanks for any input!!!!

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