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Unlimited Jumpseaters

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Dec 16, 2001
Off hand, which airlines allow unlimited jumpseaters?

(i.e.- they will fill up the empty cabin seats with jumpseaters)
Most regionals extend this privillege. ASA, Comair, Mesaba, ACA, Express I/Airlink, Air Wisconsin, Skywest come to mind, but there are others too.
Also, some nationals offer it. Airtran, ATA, Spirit, jetBlue come to mind.
Most majors don't offer this. Not sure about Southwest though.
I think America west and Natoinal airlines offers unlimited jumpseating ,Im sure they do but not 100%sure .
Apology Accepted

I work for "Delta Connection" too. In fact, I work at the airline in question, so maybe your list is old...

"Delta Connection" means a number of airlines as obviously you are aware. I know that other "Delta Connection" carriers (in fact, I heard on our ALPA board that ALL of them but us) are allowing more than one jumpseater, but that is not the case at Comair. The security directive I am referencing is dated 12/04/01 and unless it has been updated since the last time I worked, which was the 22nd, it is still in effect. I am speaking only of other airline pilots by the way, not Delta, ASA, or Comair. We can non-rev anyway, unlimited #'s. I can also PM you a longer dissertation on the subject if you are interested. Here is the section I'm referring to:


Comair will allow pilots from other airlines (OAL) in uniform with reciprocal agreements to occupy a seat in the cabin using existing jumpseat procedures, if at departure time the jumpseat remains open, all revenue and non-revenue passangers are accommodated, and a cabin seat remains open.

An OAL carrier is defined as any carrier on the Comair reciprocal list other than Delta or ASA.

Anytime the jumpseat is occupied even if a seat remains open in the cabin, the OAL pilot WILL NOT be eligible to fly as a jumpseat rider, nor can he/she elect to travel as a pass rider at departure time...

As for Southwest, last time I jumped on them a couple of weeks ago I was told they were limited to the number of jumpseats in the aircraft...
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Champion Air allows unlimited jumpseaters (in the cabin for now, of course). When everyone gets cockpit access again, we have 2 jumpseats in the cockpit, plus all empty seats in the back.

Champion runs flights from MSP, DTW, and DFW to Las Vegas, Florida, and all over the Caribbean and Mexico. Also a bunch of routes between the midwest and Las Vegas.

To get flight schedules go to the website - I think it's www.championair.com
Add Hawaiian, Ryan Int'l (to my knowledge) and ATA of the majors to the list of multiple jumpseaters.

Of the regionals, we take as many as there are seats in the back at Aloha Island Air.
Vanguard accepts multiple jump seaters from 121 and 135 carriers up to the limit of cabin seats. Be prepared to show a lot of ID and a friendly quiz on the aircraft you fly. If you're on my aircraft, I'll be honored to speak with the A Flight Attendant and get you a seat in Business Class (MD-80's only).

With the changes in jump seat rules, Southwest revoked the multiple jump seat authority they had with ATA, America West, Horizon, and I believe Alaska. In other words, max jump seaters equals number of installed jump seats.
I guess my list is old then. I stand corrected.
That's unfortunate that ASA and Delta can offer you unlimited jumpseats without a uniform but you can't reciprocate. Any idea why? After all, Comair and ASA don't make these rules, Delta does.

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