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United Pilots wake up

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Independent unions can be successful, just not when the new union is founded as a way to escape legal obligations.
It's up to the East and West Pilots. They will be the ones who determine whether they remain divided...or coalesce and move forward.
Volasl said:
Any ALPA problems at United are dwarfed by the main problem!!!!

TILTON and his followers
Doesn't Tilton know that ALPA is a force to be reckoned with???
Last edited:
AA. (Don't laugh, it's better than ours)

I'm afraid nows the time for an in-house union. Too many conflicts of interest. Let ALPA continue to increase the representation of regionals. MY job IS being outsourced....unfortunately.
This thread is funny. Any of you guys ever read flying the line? Vol II is the better read, and maybe you should give it a flip.

The fact you're now saying the elephants should give the union to the mice blows me away. ALPA has made mistakes, the biggest one being letting the jet scope slide, but at the end of the day it's YOU'RE union! Take it back. Stand up and be a man. If you don't like it then vote 'em out.

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