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United Guys/Gals...


New member
May 3, 2005
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Quick quesiton for UAL folks.....my wife and I non-rev on you guys a lot (thank you by the way!!)....but have a very difficult time listing by calling the reservation number. Mainly it seems to be a language problem with the res centers in (India??)...not in the US anyway...is there another number that will get you to an english speaking res agent? (They always ask for a "File Number"....which I don't have as I dont know what that is....I gave them my WN employee #, etc...but to no avail). Usually if I call back a time or two and get another agent it gets taken care of.....anyway...let me know if there is another way....the number I have been calling is 1-800-241-6522....

Thanks again.....


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Jun 23, 2003
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i'm not united, but hopefully can help a bit. ran into the EXACT same thing with the number you used... got the poor english speaking people, asking for my file number, ect.

then one day, our pass office had a different number, 800-825-5478. only used it once, but the person spoke english well, and had no problems making a listing, and telling me how the flight looked.


Zulu who?
May 25, 2003
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One time that United non-rev number was answered by a woman completely in Spanish.

Her "Buenos Tardes" .... rapid fire spanish for 10 more seconds.

Me "Uhhh, I don't speak spanish."

Her "Hola."

Me "Uhhhhh, do you speak english?"

Her "Yes of course, how may I help you?"