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United Breaks Guitars

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More than one person should be fired for what happened to this man's property while traveling on this airline! He should be paid for the loss of his property--the intentional loss. I understand the bad relations with Labor/MGMT, but take care of your passengers! The Passenger is why you are in business! Otherwise, this company does not deserve to be in business!
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That was a very good video and song. Hopefully it can get some run on the news.
How many united rampers does it take to unload a guitar in IAD?

27, 2 that will actually do the job. 14 that will be going in circles looking like they're doing something, 5 will be missing, and the rest will be hiding in the cargo hold. Plus 5 supervisors that each speak different languages supervising the whole process.
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Heard it's a PR nightmare for United. As much as I wish United would prosper under another management group, they needed a nice kick in the a-s-s for this (not necessarily the broken guitar, but how they handled it). Piss off passengers enough, they'll gladly pay $50.00 more (or less?) to fly someone else. I know I have.
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