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Union Purposely Delayed ay FO!

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I don't know where you get your information, but you couldn't be farther from the truth.

If anything, the ASAP folks will have more time to assist you in your efforts to gain union representation now that the contract is done.

X-FROG said:
To All Who May Be Concerned, or Not:

Is there some reason why the union vote is being delayed at Flight Options? Could it be because the Exec Jet people in charge of organizing are dragging there feet so we are not organized before a buyout? This would cause the Flight Options people to be tacked on the botton of the list. I heard that if F.O. was organized before a buyout that F.O. would be merged and not tacked. I feel that tacking on the bottom would destroy both companies weather you want to admit it or not. Anytime you treat other people as inferior you are going to have many problems-no matter what you say! Say what you will but you know that there are always problems with combining a workforce weather it be intentional or not. Lets hear some intelligent comments on the subject and not just a lot of HOO-HA. Have fun and keep it nice, or else!!!!!!!!!!

***The only easy day was yesterday***

Let me respond with two points:

1. On the IBT sponsored message board, the NJA MEC promised that there would be, under on circumstances, an outright staple. Of course, the members of the acquiring company would come out WAY, WAY ahead, but there would be not outright staple. At least, that is, if the the folks over 1108 can be taken for their word.

2. The delay may be a tactic. When I was at RTA, we had a union vote but it failed. In other words, some folks that sent in their cards ultimately turned down the union. By waiting to call for an election until we are by far the worst paying fractional, perhaps the ultra low pilot morale caused by this will ensure that even the fence-sitters will emphatically vote in favor of the union. It's just a theory, but it sounds logical to me.
Even with a Union over there... without several good leaders to represent your pilot group, you are only as good as the deal that is given to you anyway.

The only thing you have recieved from our local is support. If you personally think that some sort of game is now afoot to rob you of your career expectations at FlightOps then please feel free to organize your own effort over there.


Ok then. Enough of the paranoid embolisms.

The pilots and leadership of 1108 are not short-sighted like some other pilot Unions out there who have gobbled up other pilot groups while taking glee at stapling 35yr captains to the bottom of their list.

Are you a Flops pilot? Perhaps this question could be more easily answered by going to the Flops IBT site. I'm wondering why you haven't done that. Also, although the Union drive at Options has the support and assistance of the 1108 at NJ, it is being primarily run by a group of Flight Options pilots. I doubt they would cut their own throats. Fact is there simply are not enough cards to call for a vote yet. But you would know that if you were an Options pilot, because you would be able to access the IBT site and see for yourself.

I think I smell, the smell of a Union buster out fishen for information.
Yes, It's being delayed

How can I delay thee? Let me count the ways.

  • The card is on my desk at home. I’m still thinking about it.
  • It won’t do any good because:
    • I’m leaving anyway
    • I’m getting my 737 Type
    • We’re being sold
    • What have they done for Netjets?
    • Etc. etc. ad infinitum
  • I’m going to fill it out tomorrow.
  • Let’s give management a chance.
  • I don’t like unions.
  • Anyone but the Teamsters
  • I have my military retirement.
  • My wife has a good job.
  • I just want to fly
  • They should have enough cards without mine.
Yes the union vote is being delayed. It is being delayed by ignorance, laziness, immaturity, complacency, and selfishness.

If you are a Flight Options pilot and you have a good and valid reason for not sending in your card, congratulations. I support and applaud you. Otherwise, wake the Frickk up!!!
X-FROG said:
It's not paranoia, it's just reading the rediculous posts on theis website that lead to all of the potential bad feelings. How one pilot group thinks they are superior to another pilot group-it's all totally rediculous sometimes. FO has been trying to organize and apearently have enough cards for a vote! In a perfect world management would put a end to the rumours but I guess that will never happen. As I said, please try to keep it nice and we don't need to hear any preaching!

***the only easy day was yesterday***
You paranoid little monkey.

Maybe if you ASKED a question rather than ACCUSING the 1108 of delaying anything, you would get your "nice" answer without preaching. Also, please use spell check...you'll look smarter.

As for one pilot group being "superior" to another, how ridiculous can you get in one thread ? Nobody is superior to anyone else. We WERE the MOST underpaid pilot group in the entire industry until now and there is nothing superior about that. Start screaming at your fellow FLOPS pilots to get off their asses and send those damn cards in. Any "alleged" merger would go alot smoother for your group then. Look in your own backyard before barking over the fence...remember, 1108 is trying to HELP you. Got it ?

Valium. That should work.
Last edited:
Tcapt, hope that I never have to fly with you! Your anger comes through in everthing you say. I was just trying to get some conversation going. Once again you have made it clear to me why I usually stay off of these boards! Enjoy your day, I am sure your partner wont! PS:Spellcheck is inop so deal with it AH.
X-FROG said:
PS:Spellcheck is inop so deal with it AH.
Then put that 3rd grade education to work and spell correctly to begin with. It's called proofreading. You are an educated professional, are you not?

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