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Union Dues: It doesn't cost, it pays!

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There is no savings. Those benefits are not currently taxed. So, you're just breaking even while people not in unions are getting screwed. Seems like the job of the government... Offer incentives to be in a union while accepting huge contributions from unions... I really wish the Fairtax were in place. It would finally get rid of the tax system being used for corruption and socialism.
Ah - but why not go for a "flat tax" system?? No exemptions, deductions or, tax-avoidance schemes - & much, much simpler to administer.

(Although accountants would be out of a job, so it wouldn't get their vote!! It would cut the number of jobs in the IRS too, so that would be another big "no" vote!)
<<<< I prefer no tax on income Mike.... >>>>

Wouldn't we all!! However, such Utopia would only be possible with out of this world national resources (gold, diamonds, oil, rare minerals, etc) that could be exported to pay for all infra-structure, public services, roads, blah blah!!

Anyway, surely health benefits are productive & save on state-provided programmes??
Be careful what you wish for here. The way this article reads they are suggesting that they wouldn't tax existing benefits, for the duration of the contract, but they are leaving open the door to taxing new contracts.

Any tax on employer provided health benefits would be a slippery slope. Just a matter of time before it extends to everyone.

Of course, given this government's propensity to spend money, new taxes are a foregone conclusion.

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