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Unemployment Benefits & Military Retiree

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C-135 Backer

Nov 26, 2001
I am a military retiree and was layed off from NWA on 1 Jan. Having never applied for Unemployment Benefits and being a retiree I was unsure of the process and concerned if I would be eligible or if my claim would be reduced because of retirement income. GOOD NEWS. Found out this morning that I do qualify and I was eligible for the full amount, which in Minnesota, is $452 per week. Some tips to pass along.

1. I live in another state, but filed in Minnesota because the benefits were better by twice the amount of the state in which I reside. Totally legal and was up front with the unemployment office. The main thing is that NWA is headquartered in MN and I was based there.

2. They want a copy of your DD214-members copy that shows you received an "Honorable" discharge. Also know the addresses of your company and DFAS.

3. The form was easy to fill out and Minnesota was very prompt in giving you info as to when you will collect and how much.

4. I felt bad about filing at first (embarrassed), but quickly got over that. As everbody says, this is why you have been contributing to this all your life.

Good luck to all!

Props to Minnesota. The unemployment rate in Maryland is only 283/week. Additionally, if you are a military reservist, your weekend income from drilling does NOT count against you for your weekly claims. Good luck to all still furloughed or laid off
C-135Backer -
Don't feel bad, nor alone. You've got lots of company, including almost 1000 at AA/TWA LLC alone. In this biz, when it's good, it's real good, and when it's bad, it's real bad.

You treading down a well-trod road. Hang in there. You'll be back soon.

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