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UAX Overview and Performance

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Ndugu's Foster Dad
Nov 27, 2001
The following is an exerpt from Domestic Code Share & Cargo Committee Report regarding UAX and their performance. By Brett Anderson. This specific exerpt talks about the UAX performance.

"United Express performance has been suffering as of late. Completions, on-time, and baggage handling have generally been below set goals. Some of the problems facing United Express in meeting these goals are inadequate facilities (if you have been to the F concourse, you know what I mean), short stage lengths and interface with United in information management.

Generally, Skywest has been performing the best of the UAX carriers and meets or exceeds most performance goals. Air Wisconsin has been second, but had a poor completion and on-time record for 2001, due largely to Air Wisconsin management's failure to negotiate labor contracts in a fair and timely fashion. They have improved dramatically in recent months. Atlantic Coast Airlines (ACA) has been having major performance problems since 9/11. Many of its delays and cancellations are maintenance related, according to United Express Manager Dennis Berry. ACA's maintenance organization has hired many new, and inexperienced, mechanics in a rapid expansion, and what should be a one-hour job often takes them two or three hours to complete. In addition, problems with facilities at ORD and crew movements have been pulling their performance down. The Company is having daily conference calls with ACA in an attempt to improve their performance and hold them accountable."

The entire article can be found on page 21-22 in THE LEADING EDGE for Spring of 2002.

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And your point is....?????

Are you holding short positions in ACAI stock?

Orders for almost 40 CRJ's, hiring 400-500 pilots per year. Some people would kill to have ACA's growing pains.
The number one reason that on time sucks is that UAL did not give us enough gate space in ORD. Planes land taxi to the penalty box and wait for a gate. The flight gets in the gate late then goes out late which makes the next plane go to the penalty box and it is late all over. Many of these planes then flow into Dulles where we are pinched for gate space as well during certain times of the day. The ORD problems then cascade into Dulles and it just snowballs. Give us the facilities and we can easily get the job done right. Further ACA has ACARS where as most of the SkyWest planes do not. I am not sure about Air Wiskey's planes. What this means is that ACA has computerized documentation of when the planes left the gate. The other airlines just call in "ON TIME" whether it is true or not. In other words, they CAN CHEAT and I have enough Skywest friends to know that they do this happily.
AirWis doesn't have ACARS yet. We keep hearing that the vendor was to be picked in June and instillation would start sometime in the fall. The ACARS on the FMS is controlled by the captains clock. My ACA roommates have told me about "adjusting" the Capt's clock if they're going to be late. I'm sure others know about it too.


By the way, this wasn't meant to be posted as a bash on ACA. I just found it interesting to finally see the three ranked on performance.

does the acars record the out/off/on/in times, or just the out time?

what other sort of info do you get from the acars at aca?

FYI- I read (I don't think it's 70%, but someone did) that 70% of our Brasilia's are AFIS equipped. That records OOOI times and sends them to the computer and we can't change those times. The other 30% are the old fashioned call-in your times method.

Fly safe.
The 70% number for the EMB's (around 55 w/AFIS) is correct and all of the CRJ's have ACARS.

On "just" changing the captain's clock -

Well yes we can do it, but the maintenance records show a linear time line of actions also based on the captains clock. So you change the clock and leave a record that you are now falsifying data - good move. I can just see the DO reviewing that one.

08:26:21.00 STDBY HYD PUMP ON
08:27:07.04 ELEV TRIM UP
08:27:08.22 ELEV TRIM DOWN
08:25:00.31 BRAKE RELEASE (Out time recorded)
08:26:15.27 RGHT ENG START

Aren't these new electronic airplanes fun! The next generation will probably be able to tell company when you burped.

As to ACARS, someone asked:

>>does the acars record the out/off/on/in times, or just the out time?<<

>>what other sort of info do you get from the acars at aca?<<

OOOI times, weather info, messaging to scheduling (if they would ever stop and actually read them). We supposedly can make our requests with ground operations(lav service, catering,etc.), but this is best handled on the radio.

We do not have PDC (Pre-departure Clearance) capability yet. I guess that costs big bucks.

Out time is based on brake release, door proxi sensors and weight on wheels.

Off time on weight off wheels if out time recorded correctly.

On time = weight on wheels

In time based on brake application and door proxi sensors opened.


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