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UAS Predator Pilot...

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Jun 4, 2003
Haven't seen anyone talking about the position lately. Has anyone had an interview with the Border Patrol recently? I just got an email to go in for the interview early next month. Anyone with info. please help.
I haven't heard anything but please post some info from your interview. I have my stuff in and am waiting to hear. How long did it take you to get the interview notice? Any info would be appreciated.
EMB, I applied online early April and got the call on Friday. I don't know anything about the interview. I thought someone mentioned that you might have to take an evaluation flight on C172 or something. I hope that's not the case, because I haven't flown a single for about 10 years. As of right now, the interview is going to be in Grand Forks, ND, in July. I'll pass along the info later on.
Aptap.org is the best fourm for CBP job gouges. It's a 3 part interview. HR, Tech, and a flight in a C210. Standard instrument/commercial checkride but, they don't let you take off or land. Plan 3 days for the interview in OKC due to mx or weather, normally it's just a one day deal but they'll have you stay if you get stromed out or the 210 breaks.
I applied back in the first week of December and I haven't heard anything yet. Got a decent competitive score. After you interview, you'll wait til everyone else gets through their interviews completed before hearing whether or not you get a conditional offer. After that is the background investigation (very in-depth!!) which takes anywhere from 1-6 months to finish depending on your background and how backed up the investigators are. When you're done there and receive your top seceret clearence, you'll EOD and get a date for FLETC. You'll spend 3 months at FLETC after which most CBP AIA's are going to Artisa??, NM for Spanish, it's 2 months. Then you'll go back to your branch where you wait for specific aircraft training. So pretty much your first year is all training after you've waited a year or more to even start the job.
I have some friends that are AIA's at the San Diego Branch and they love it! They're making great money, have a blast, and they have a nice retirement to look forward to.
Looking for people to operate UAVs in Iraq / Afghanistan. Good money. Austere conditions.

I'm an engineer for SAIC in Iraq and can tell you all the Insitu guys I've met are very pleased and happy with the company and enjoy the work...
Tex, thanks for the info. The position I'm applying is not the AIA. I'm too old for that. Which position did you apply for?

LAFreq, thanks also for your info. I have thought about them (Insitu) as well, but I thought to give the CBP a shot. SAIC tried to make their own UAV before. Did they ever built one?
SomOne, I applied 11 DEC 2008 for the recent AIA 2181 posting from 17 NOV 2008 to 15 MAY 2009. From my inside resources, all applicants that have applied under this posting will be interviewed. OKC is just waiting on the applicant list to be sent from D.C. I chose SAN, TUS, and HOU as my three on the app, but they'll EOD you anywhere at the needs of the agency. I'm really looking forward to interviewing but the waiting is absolute torture! After you interview, you wait for another several months for a contitional offer then you start the B.I. and that can take months depending on how backed up they are.

My buddy at SAN North Island says that a lot of the applicants arn't determined enough to be patient with the whole process that could take a year or more. I wouldn't blame some for passing the opportunity up b/c they might have moved on to something else and your patience is really tried!

For those of you in my position, hang in there. From all the CBP AIA's that I know and have had the pleasure of meeting, it's a great career with great retirement. My situation has changed somewhat (suffering a layoff), so I may have to move on to something else until a commitment has been completed. But I'll still go through the whole process, and from what information I've gathered, you can postpone a said EOD date until a previous obligation has been completed.

SAIC did build a UAV. SAIC has a UAV research center / RD facility near McLean, Virginia. SAIC corporate also has a UAV engineering working group to solve problems / issues with federal government. I believe SAIC primary interest is UAVs is going to be in support of ISR for Intel Community.

If you are active duty military you may want to check out the job fairs on bases for cleared people. Lots of federal agencies and contractors hiring...
Tex, thanks for the info. and sorry to hear that you just got layoff. Good luck with the CBP interview. How long has your buddy been working for them in SAN. I'd love to be there. TUS is also a good place. I used to fly out of that area.
LAF, does SAIC need any UAV operator for their tests/projects? The problem that I have is that my secret clearance expired, and I'm not in the military. My option is limited. Be save!

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