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UAL's 12/13 Surplus Redux

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Nov 28, 2001
This one is for all UAL pilots: what do you think is the significance of the 2 Mar 02 effectivity of the UAL Surplus Reduction Leading to Retirement proposal as posted on the UAL MEC member's side today, 13 Dec.? UAL78, do you have any old-head insight? Thanks. My best to all UAL pilots out on furlough.
Well as I always say, "any head is OK with me, old included". But seriously folks, it may simply be attempting to minimize any ongoing reductions in force. I hope we can do three things: minimize any further furloughs, bring the company back to financial stability ASAP, and get those that are on the lonely side of the fence back over pronto.

From the recent town hall meetings it certainly seems to me that the theme is going to be that UAL is going to shrink to the size that it will need to get back to a positive (in the black) cashflow.

Now, IMO I speculate that concessions, the surplus reduction programs and any other program that will cut costs will be implemented in order to slash the losses.

UAL will downsize and further furloughs are not what Crieghton wants, but again you here Forte mention there will be more cuts in MAR 02.

As far as Avolar hiring any further UAL guys while they lose there jobs at the mainline, it has yet to happen. Maybe in the new year we will se more of that.

I think you're spot on.

I also think that with Avolar, there are several different directions they could go as to hiring furloughed UAL pilots that could be palatable for all concerned. I'm still waiting for that call to me regarding consulting for them.

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