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UAL planning recalls

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Not to but in, but I do agree that the cobra vote was low..It was suprising to say the least.

They funny thing I heard, was that a f/o who would of been furloughed in APR voted for the Cobra fund. When he found out that the APR furlough was cancelled, he was pissed cause he had to give up 1% of his paycheck..

These kind of people really piss me off..all for me.. who cares about the rest..

Another side not..Chris Bowers just issued a statement in trying to justify the expansion in chicago, stating that the business customers were mad that UAL cut to much capacity...Boy the pilots could of told them that..

I guess WHQ did not go to rocket science school..

Sorry to get of the thread..
I had heard that the MEC wasn't pursuing the furlough grievance right away because the arbitrating judge was anti-labor. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but it is frustrating to have so many UAL pilots on the street illegally and not see anything being done about it immediately.

Another thing that makes me irate is seeing pilots with extrememly high credit times and lots of time in the bank. Some people are picking up extra trips and padding their wallets while we have people on the street. Disgusting.

I'm hoping we've seen thelast of the furloughs as well, as one more round puts the nail in my coffin!

Here's hoping.

Can I suggest you bring some of the offenders' schedules to the attention of the LEC scheduling rep? I think we need to see printouts of some of these CALRECs going up behind the glass on the ALPA board so everyone can take a good look.
Excellent Idea F/o, and HeavyjetFO,

Bring the calrec of these violaters that just can't get the message. These selfish &%^$$%^%$*^(& need to be exposed just as those where during the summer of 2000. I think its time to point them out during your next monthly council meeting. I attended the Council 12 meeting on Jan 8th with Creighton and the point was made then. Obviously the point was not expressed deep enough, and maybe a towel party is going to be a great reminder that we have 844 on the street.

Man, it makes me sick to see the selfishness of these pilots! So again, lets expose them and start putting the up on the wailing wall at your domocile. I know I have done it, only to come back from a trip to see that someone has taken it down. But, no worries I will just print it up and put it back on the wall. I will treat these &^@#$%^& like a scab if need be till they get the message. Sorry to come accross like a jerk, but man this is the kind of **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** that makes by blood boil.

So, let these selfish, self-serving, greedy f%^'s be known....

And that's all I have to say about that.
I've suggested to the union that we post CALRECs of the offenders up on the wall just as we did those who did it during the Summer of Love. I don't think it will happen because it is not a real important item to those who aren't on the bottom of the food chain. IMHO,when people pick up extra time, they are taking away reserve flying, and over a period of time some bean counter will realize our reserves are under utilized which will result in more surplusses, which will trickle down to more furloughs. But what do I know? ; )

And, since I'm coming off the 727, I havent been to work since October! But trust me, when (if) I get back to work you can bet I will have some tape in my bag to plaster some CALRECs on the wall!
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I know its not high on the priority list for the senior guys, and that is just my point. We need to make them aware that there are guys padding there pay by picking up flying, and as soon as we expose these guys like the summer of 2000, will it possibly stop, just as it did then.

The biggest hurdel IMHO is that we were a unified group of probably 95% participation back then, and we just need to spread the word for those who don't fully understand the ramification of those picking up extra flying.

I have talked with several buddies that are on reserve after the bumps and have been through retraing on new equip like the 737 and A320, etc... they have been retrained and doing the reserve thing now. they are telling me that the crew desk is calling and utilizing them as much as they can, and the good news is that when they need to deal these guys are not willing to replace RDO's to accept a flight. Hopefully more pilots approach this with the same attitude so that we can bring the 844 back as soon as we can. Any pilot flying over the gaurantee should take this approch and I am sure once the word is spread it may take place, just as it did in 2000.
Let's face it. Most pilots are greedy. I love the post about the April guy not getting furloughed and then being pissed about having to pay a few bucks. That says it all right there. The MEC is doing it's pilot a great dissevice by not immediately addressing contract issues and not letting it's furloughees in on the information. But, it's probably been that way at United for the last 76 years and will be for the next 76. I will say that I will have a different view when I do return...become an active union participatant (once off probation of course), be a little less greedy, appreciate those junior to me a bit more...
I hope that the pilots will organize themselves as they did during the summer of love and convince the company that they should not have broken contract rules. In the meantime, call your UAL pilot buddies, email them and let them know every other day that you are waiting to be recalled. Email your union reps and ask for more information, let them know you are concerned. When you use your passes (hopefully another 90 extension is in the works), introduce yourself to the captain so he can put a face with the word furloughee. Hope to see you back in the schoolhouse soon!

Unforunately, I am hearing that the grieivance on the off probabationary pilots has been post poned till June 02.. This is allowing the company to negotiate concessions..

I agree with you, once I return I will have a different feeling toward those who are below me..When and if there is another furloughee I will be there for them, giving them my phone number and email so they can ask questions and recruiting another former furloughees to do the same..

I hope we call see UAL soon again. But unfornuately I think it may be a little longer due to the fact I heard another furloughee of about 200 pilots is going to happen.. Lets hope not..

See you all back on property..
I know it still is not the recall of pillts, but at least we are not furloughing anymore pilots, as I stated earlier I think we may have completed all furloughs, even though Steve Forte, just said yeasterday that no more in April, I wish who who just say we are done furloughing period. As with today's news i see it as another encouraging sign of the summer schedule.

United Airlines to Recall 1,300 Employees to Support June Schedule Increase

United to Also Hire an Additional 900 Employees in Key Markets
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 22, 2002--United Airlines (NYSE: UAL - news) today said that due to its increased June schedule, it will recall 1,300 ramp service, customer service, and cabin service employees in its hub markets where United is rebuilding - Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington-Dulles.

The company also announced it will seek to fill all positions with either previously furloughed employees or current employees who wish to relocate. After that the airline plans to recruit about 900 new hires through ads placed in major newspapers as well as radio commercials.

``To support the increased operation, we have already begun to recall employees who were placed on furlough status last fall,'' said Patti Carson, vice president-Human Resources. ``United's capacity will still be about 17 percent below where it was at this time last year, so the company will only be able to recall employees in certain markets.''

Carson added: ``While we still have a long road ahead of us, United is very happy to recall more than a thousand of our employees.''

Recalled employees will return to work by the end of May, with new hires being added during the first week of June.

United Airlines offers about 1,700 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe. News releases and other information about United Airlines can be found at the company's website
Any one here feel like being a ramp rat for a while??????

At least it's a job....

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