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type ratings

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001

Does getting a type on your commercial ticket carry over to the ATP after you earn the ATP?

I'm getting a 717 type but it's going to be on my CMI.
No, not unless you do your ATP ride in the 717 later on down the road. You may want to wait until you have your ATP to save time and money.
Cornelius is right on. The only thing that transfers to you ATP from your commercial is the aircraft type, category and class that you do the ride in. So if you had a type in a 717 and did your ATP in a Lear 35, you would have an ATP Multi-engine land with a Lear 35 type and a Commercial Multi/single land with a 717 type.

Clear as mud!

That's what I've been told by others but can't find a reg that specifies that.

The only thing I see is what gubernator referenced in 61.157 which clearly states the type rating transfers as long as the ATP is done in the same category and class...ie..multi engine airplane.
Gubernator is correct. If Corky obtains a 717 type rating on the commercial certificate, it will automatically be given ATP privileges upon passing the ATP practical test in the same category and class of aircraft. It is NOT necessary to pass a checkride in that particular type.

For example, if a pilot holds a 717 type on his commercial certificate, but passes the ATP checkride in a 737, the ATP will show type ratings for both the 717 and 737. That pilot will hold ATP privileges in both the 717 and 737. This occurs automatically, without additional paperwork or a separate request.

14 CFR 61.157(d):

"Upgrading type ratings. Any type rating(s) on the pilot certificate of an applicant who successfully completes an airline transport pilot practical test shall be included on the airline transport pilot certificate with the privileges and limitations of the airline transport pilot certificate, provided the applicant passes the practical test in the same category and class of aircraft for which the applicant holds the type rating(s). However, if a type rating for that category and class of aircraft on the superseded pilot certificate is limited to VFR, that limitation shall be carried forward to the person's airline transport pilot certificate level."
Also see p. 242 of the FAA's Part 61 FAQ (available at http://av-info.faa.gov/data/640otherfaq/pt61-16.pdf).

Here's the relevant part:

QUESTION: An applicant is applying for an ATP certificate with an airplane multiengine land rating. The person currently holds the following certificate and ratings:

Commercial Pilot
Airplane Single and Multiengine Land
DC-3 (Limited to VFR)

This person satisfactorily accomplishes the ATP practical test in a Cessna 402. What will the person’s ATP certificate read like?

ANSWER: Ref. §61.157(d); The certificate will read as follows:

Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Multiengine Land
DC3 (Limited to VFR)

Commercial Pilot Privileges
Airplane Single Engine Land
Use some caution with the FAQ site. Those who maintain it are very kowledgable, but the site is largely opinion, and represents no legal stance on the subject. Otherwise, it's a handy reference, so long as the material is taken with a grain of salt.
Yes, if you have type ratings with no restrictions on a commercial license, and you take earn your ATP, those type ratings are included automatically on your ATP.

Like was said, if you just have a type rating with VFR restriction, then it the ATP does not apply to that type rating.

So yes, your type ratings will be included under your ATP.
maybe Ksu and Corneilus were confused about "Catagory" (airplane, rotorcraft, airship) and class (MEL, SEL) gubernator's reference is right on the mark and easy to read, unlike a lot of CFR. Besides being on the FAQ list, if I recall correctly this question is asked about 6 different ways on the ATP written.

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