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Type rating question Please help! K & S

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Active member
Jan 14, 2002
Anyone out there do the K & S thing in Phoenix. I am leaning towards them because I live in Phoenix and they are giving me about $300 discount since I don't need the hotel. Also, sleeping in my own bed every night is a plus. Thanks for any input.
I did Jet Tech

Also in PHX, no complaints

602 470 8049

Good Luck
I can't say enough good things about K&S.. I went there in December. The instructors were great, class sizes were small (6). The school is owned by a SWA capt. who knows what is going on over at SWA. Additionally, K&S is the only school authorized to use SWA flows, checklists, qrh's, and memory items.. I'm not into learning things twice, so that really appealed to me.. I would suggest K&S to anyone, but if you live there it would be a no-brainer..

I did not use K&S (I went to HPA in Dallas), but I did a lot of research. I heard and read only great things about K&S.
I appreciate the replies. Good info on these boards.

Jet Tech is out of business. A company called PremAIr took over but aren't approved yet. Only approved in Seattle. They should be able to start things in about a month or two. Still probably about $7495 for 737-200.

Thanks again guys.


Very "class act" at K&S and likewise can't say enough good things. Got my rating from them in Nov. Check out their website at www.b737-training.com if you haven't already. Besides the SWA flows and insiders edge, they will actively call SWA the morning you graduate and tell them you're "ready for the next step."

Best of luck!

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