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Turboprop pilots

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Sep 14, 2005
Is it just me, or do you need military and/or turbojet (RJ) time to get a call from most of the majors? I know there are some jobs out there for us, however, it would be nice to have an opportunity with companies like FedEx or Southwest. Are large turboprop pilots really that much less desirable?
I know a SAAB 340 check airman who is at LUV now

civvie, biggest thing he flew was a SF-340
I'm glad to hear that.

Of course, we all know those who have been blessed. I know many people who have had the good fortune of timing combined with superior networking. However, rumor has it that many companies are moving away from interviewing based on internal recommendation. If this is true, how can we compete with the current influx of RJ captains? Do we simply need to wait until the supply is exhausted? Or do we accept the fact that there are certain jobs we cannot obtain? I hope neither proves to be the case considering many of us have extensive experience and know-how.
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you are thinking way too hard here. Get the best time you yourself can get, try to become an I.P. or check airman at your company, network network network, and give it your best shot

"RJ Captains" that are "flooding" the HR people?

back in the early 90's I knew a Bandit Captain who was worried about "pressurized, heavy turboprop drivers" flooding the airlines (ATR-72, Dash-8, Dash-7, Dornier 328, etc)

he later got hired by American

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