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Tsa Crap!!!

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2005
Went through security at lovely 5AM this morning at LGA and got hassled because I threw my over coat over my laptop in the bin and apparently I can't do that, yet a mechanic and ramp agents are free to stroll in and out without a problem, what the hel is wrong with this picture?? When is someone going to put an end to this kind of treatment??
The mechanics and gate agents are carrying in concealed laptops?!

Better notify the local authorities.
no LGA to my knowledge doesn't have SIDA badges.
I was just wondering the logic of searching a flight crew that has total control over the flight deck anyway and with a week traiining class can carry a gun!!
Because it looks good, it's all for show. Those TSA dipsh!ts couldn't find their own ass with both hands and a map. Plus it gives them a chance to get close to you to see if you have been drinking.

If there were ever a one day walkout of all pilots to protest this pointless abuse, I would be first in line.
You missed the point, every air carrier airport has SIDA proceedures, individuals with a need to access the flight line, and are based there are required to attend SIDA training and display a badge.

Flight crew members aren't required to do this, but they have certain restrictions, ie, no free access to the SIDA area, just around their aircraft and to and from their companies operations area. Mechanics and rampers do not have these restrictions.
That's ok...the other day I had a gangbanger checking IDs playing big fish in a little pond. Wouldn't let me go through the employee lane because our airline doesn't fly out of MDW. After I went to the TSA agent and they gave me the ok Pedro was apparently watching me and runs up to say that I cannot go there. I said "TSA said I can". He said "I don't care what he says". Little pricks lucky I made my flight otherwise we would have probably had a little pow wow in the airport. I probably would have gotten myself arrested I was so pi$$ed.

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